Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 12 and 13

Last week, Royce left the show so there are nine chefs left.

Episode 12

Robyn tries to cosy up to Clemenza and she tries to tell him that she is on his side. He doesn't buy her phony act. Brian is pissed at Tiffany for her bad behaviour when she was helping him in the kitchen in service. The challenge this week is a wing eating competition. Brian and Justin are chosen from the men's team and Tiffany and Barbie from the women's. They are going up against a wing eating champion. He wins. They have the blind taste test now and it is women versus men. The men's team wins with Justin getting a perfect score. He is the first one to ever get that in Hells Kitchen. They go off on their treat. The women have to stock both kitchens and they have to deal with deliveries. Everyone is moaning. Kimmy thinks that Barbie isn't pulling her weight(watch video above). Barbie seems to avoid doing anything too strenuous.

That evening, they get to have their own menus so they come up with their dishes.They have to present their dishes for Chef Ramsay to taste. Barbie is slacking off as usual. Clemenza disappears and the others are not happy. Chef Ramsay begins tasting the dishes and that takes us to....

Episode 13

Chef Ramsay is less than impressed with some of the dishes. They need to shape up. He will be using the customer comment cards to choose the winner. Robyn messes up one of the dishes and has to start again. She argues with Justin.Kimmy isn't doing well on the meat. Robyn and Justin are fighting again because she
runs out of her dish and has to cook something else instead. Kimmy has a meltdown on meat and she is failing. Brian is not impressive either. He forgets to include some part of his dish and he is annoyed. Dana under cooks her lobster and is yelled at.Chef Ramsay catches Tiffany using an dirty pan to cook a new dish. She doesn't seem to care at all. Clemenza gets lost on the fish and he seems too slow. Tiffany messes up again and she is so disinterested that Chef Ramsay is furious with her. The assistant chef throws Tiffany out of the kitchen as she is so slack(watch video above). Brian can't cook fish and he is disappointed. The team gets thrown out of the blue kitchen. 

There is no winning team this week so they both choose two people from each team to go home. The blue team choose Robyn and Clemenza. The red team choose Tiffany and Barbie. Tiffany(pictured) is booted out. She was pretty useless anyway.


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