Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 6

Last week, there was noone kicked off as it was a cliffhanger, so this week, all will be revealed...Who will it be???

Patrick is sent back in line as is Barbie. Danielle(pictured below) is booted out of Hells Kitchen. She was an idiot and she tried to shaft some of  her teammates and it backfired on her. Dana and Christina are so upset that their ally has been kicked out and they are worried that they are going to get picked on. In the mens team, Royce wants to be leader, but nobody else wants him. Patrick doesn't like that at all as he is supposed to be the leader.This week, the challenge is to make dishes for some idiotic fashion designers who look as if they haven't had a good meal in years! How they are meant to judge food is beyond me. The men win the challenge and get to go shopping. The women are moaning again...They have to turn the restaurant into a runway etc for some fashion night. They have some irritating fashion woman giving them directions.

There is going to be a fashion show in the middle of Hells Kitchen and the teams have to cook while it is going on.Kimmy and Robyn have fallen out because in the challenge earlier on, Robyn messed up their dish and they didn't win. Now, Kimmy has declared war on her former ally(watch video above). Service hasn't even began when Clemenza starts cooking scallops in advance. He is caught out for his stupidity. This is another two parter so you will have to wait until the next episode to see what happens!!


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