Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hells Kitchen Season 10, Episode 8

Last week, Guy was sent  home so twelve chefs are left in Hells Kitchen.

Clemenza is annoyed because he thinks that they tried to throw him under the bus. Royce wants him out as he thinks that Clemenza is crap. Royce is a pain. Next morning, Clemenza is in fighting form and he is ready to prove himself. Their challenge is to make a dish with some unknown ingredients. The chefs grab what they want and they have to make the best of it. Chef Ramsay has some chefs come in to judge it. The red team scrape a victory and they are delighted. The blue team has to clean the dorm. That evening, the chefs are told that there are special guests coming in. The red team have Sugar Ray Leonard and the blue team have Tito Ortiz from the UFC.

Clemenza makes a bad start by handing up undercooked spaghetti and he is Italian!! Christina messes up her risotto. Brian is spending more time messing around in the kitchen and he is not concentrating. His food is not up to standard. He gets it right eventually. Tiffany puts a knife against her lip and then into the Beef Wellington and is caught out by Chef Ramsay(watch video above). Disgusting.. Roshni hands up her raw meat and gets in trouble. Tiffany is wrong again and she gets yelled at. Patrick makes a mistake with the lobster and it looks bad for the blue team. Chef Ramsay throws them all out. The women finish the blue teams service. The men are pissed off. They are called back down for a chat with Chef Ramsay. He tells them that the red team finished their service. They have to choose two people for elimination and they pick Patrick and Roshni. The team think that Roshni(pictured above) should go home. She gets sent home.


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