Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 9

Last week, Roshni went home and now there are eleven chefs left.

The red team are on cloud nine(for the moment) and they think that they will win it. Maybe, if they can stop bitching at each other in the process. On the blue team, Royce is trying to stir things up by accusing others of trying to screw him but nobody has any sympathy for him. The challenge today is a fruit machine with ingredients on it instead of fruit. Everyone gets a go and they get the ingredients to cook with. Kimmy has to sit out as there is an odd number on the red team. She still gets to cook a dish and her team can decide if they will take hers or go with someone elses. She chooses to go up against Robyn's dish and Robyn thinks that there is still bad blood between them from an earlier task. The red team decides to go with Robyns dish instead of Kimmy. Chef Ramsay judges the dishes and the men win as Robyn's dish is not good. He tastes Kimmys and tells them that they would have won if they had chosen Kimmy's dish. This does NOT go down well with Kimmy. The men get their treat and the women have to prepare all of the steaks etc and they have to unload the beef.

Robyn and Kimmy are not communicating. Robyn is not popular with anyone now. She is bothered by Kimmy's snoring so she tries to move in with the other girls but they don't want her. She has to sleep with them, but they make it obvious that they don't want her. In the red kitchen, Tiffany cuts her onions the wrong way and Barbie tells on her. This makes the fighting between them even worse. They are as bad as each other. It's steak night and family night in Hell's Kitchen. Kimmy burns her hand(watch video)and has to see the medic...What will happen? You will have to wait until the next episode to find out!!!


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