Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 16

Last time, Brian left the kitchen so there are six chefs left.

This week, the remaining chefs are celebrating getting their black jackets. They are all laughing and joking and you know that that isn't going to last long. Their challenge this week is to recreate a dish that Chef Ramsay has made. They have to guess what is in it and the winner will be the two person team who come closest to it. Clemenza and Dana win the challenge and get to relax at the beach. The others have to clean the dining room. That night, they are told before service that they will be competing against the runners up from some of the past Hells Kitchen seasons(watch video above).

Service begins and the runners up team are doing very well. Robyn(pictured above) messes up a simple salad and she has to re make it.Robyn and Clemenza are cooking dishes that aren't even on order. Dana needs help on the fish station and Clemenza tries to help, but he messes it up. She can't even ask people to help and Chef Ramsay tells her that she can't control Clemenza. She asks Robyn to help her instead. Robyn can't help her much either as she messes up too. Chef Ramsay takes Dana aside to talk to her. He tells her that she should take responsibility for her station. The runners up team wins service and the black team have to choose two people to send home. They choose Robyn and Clemenza. Robyn gets sent home and everyone is happy...


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