Friday, August 10, 2012

Night Ripper Movie Review 256

 Night Ripper is a 1986 thriller/horror movie directed by Jeff Hathcock and starring Larry Thomas.

Models are getting murdered by a maniac who stalks them and then kills them. A photographer, David,takes photographs of models and he meets one who he likes. She is called Jill. He has a fiancee called Karen. When another model is killed, the police call David in for questioning. He had taken pictures of her before her death. His boss Mitch(Larry Thomas) is there too. He is a weirdo and he talks about the murders a lot.Also there is a friend of David's called Janet and she is a lesbian. This film is beyond cheap but it was mildly entertaining. There were some obvious pointers to the killer early on and I guess we were meant to think that it was Mitch, but it wasn't.

This film dragged in parts and the acting isn't great at all. There is an okay story but I think that it focuses too much on trying to fool you into believing that the killer is someone else and you just realise there isn't much to this film. I guessed that the killer was Janet earlier on and she has some story about a model ex girlfriend who she can't forget and that is why she stalks and kills models. It just seemed a silly ending. All in all, I wouldn't watch this one again. If you like cheap B movies, then this is for you. I'm giving it a 3/10.


Tony Briley said...

Thanks for another time saving review Amanda. Going to skip this one for sure. I love the B rated movies but sometimes when you review one it lets me know it's probably not worth the trouble.

Amanda said...

Yes, this one is best avoided, I think. I like the B rated films too, but sometimes, they are so bad, they are just not worth watching!

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