Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10 Finale Part 1 and 2

Last week, there were three chefs left and one of them has to go home.

Part One: This week, we find out that it will be Justin and Christina in the finale.Justin has been good all through the series, I am not so sure about Christina. I never really liked her. Dana has to go and I am so happy! I couldn't stand her shouting any longer..She is so irritating. The two finalists get to go to Vegas and they work on their menus with Chef Scott and Chef Andie. Their families are brought to see them and they get to go to a Penn and Teller show. The two chefs are brought up on stage and they have to make five dishes and they will be judged on their food by chefs etc. Christina wins the challenge and she gets first pick of her team for the final service.

Some of the other chefs arrive back and Christina picks Dana,Kimmy,Robyn and Patrick(Watch video above). Justin picked Barbie, Brian, Royce and Clemenza. They all go up to the dorms to discuss their menus. Clemenza is not cooperating with Justin and he is annoying him. Justin tells him to go home if he is not going to be any use to him. Tempers flare and Justin is worried. What will happen? Will Clemenza go home? Will Justin have to make do with only 3 chefs on his team? Let's find out in the second part of the finale!

Part Two:

Clemenza and Justin manage to resolve their differences and they get on with their menu.The women are all thinking that Christina will win. They go into service for the final time that evening. Justin seems to be getting on very well in the kitchen but Clemenza is too slow and he is messing everything up for him. He seems to be stumbling through service. On Christina's team, Dana is awful and she is not getting along well. Christina is really getting annoyed with her friend and she tells her that she will have to pick up the pace. Dana hands up fish that is not cooked well and Chef Ramsay is disgusted with her. 

All in all, the two teams do pretty well. Justin pulls it all together and he is very impressive. Christina is less impressive. She just doesn't seem to have the same leadership skills. The time comes to choose the winner and it is .... Christina(Watch video above). I was shocked by this decision. I can't understand how Chef Ramsay could not choose Justin. He was very good throughout the competition. I guess he wasn't what Chef Ramsay was looking for. All in all, I was disappointed and I thought that it was a bad end to a good season of Hell's Kitchen. That's it until next year!!!


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