Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkinhead Movie Review 263

Pumpkinhead is a 1988 horror movie directed by Stan Winston and starring Lance Henriksen and John D'Aquino.

In 1957, some creature is chasing a man through the woods. The locals won't help him and they lock their doors and the man gets killed by whatever it is. Cut to present day and a man called Ed Harley(Henriksen) has a little shop in the countryside. He lives with his son, Billy and he brings him with him to the store. A group of young people are on their way to a cabin to stay when they stop at the store for some supplies. They have some dirt bikes with them and one of the group, Joel, decides to ride it around. Billy's dog chases after it and Billy follows. Joel knocks Billy down and kills him.Ed had gone home for a few minutes and when he arrives back, there is only one person left, Steve, who tries to explain what happened. The others have gone on to the cabin. Ed is very angry and he wants revenge.

Ed goes to an old witch and he tells her what happened. She can't bring Billy back from the dead, but she can summon a horrible creature from Hell called Pumpkinhead. He does as she says and digs its corpse up and brings it back to her shack. She performs a spell on it and it comes alive. Ed buries Billy and then Pumpkinhead goes on his murderous revenge spree. He finds the youngsters and he begins to kill them one by one. Ed has a change of heart and he decides that killing them isn't the way to feel better so he tries to kill Pumpkinhead. He can't so he gets the remaining youngsters and he takes them back to his house. Pumpkinhead discovers them and there is a showdown. Ed realises that if he shoots himself, then Pumpkinhead will die too. He shoots himself and when he dies, Pumpkinhead dies too. The old woman finds his body and buries it in Pumpkinheads grave, ready for the next time...

This was a good movie, I liked Henriksen in it. It is well worth a watch. I know that there is plenty of sequels, so I am going to dig those up and watch them too. I am giving this a 6/10.


Nay Mah said...

Wat an amazin post...i've not watched 'pumpkin head movie' yet..with this review i think its a 'must-watch' movie,am goin to look for it
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