Sunday, October 14, 2012

Child's Play Movie Review 267

Child's Play is a 1988 horror movie directed by Tom Holland(Fright Night,The Langoliers) and starring
Catherine Hicks(Seventh Heaven), Brad Dourif(Deadwood,Halloween) and Chris Sarandon(Fright Night,The Princess Bride).

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray(Brad Dourif) is being chased by cop Mike Norris(Sarandon). They are shooting at each other and they end up in a toy store. Ray gets shot and his evil spirit goes into a doll called a Good Guy. Ray knows voodoo and he transfers his evil into the doll. Cut to youngster Andy(Alex Vincent) who lives with his mother Karen(Hicks). He really wants a Good Guy doll but his mother can't afford it. While she is at work, she discovers a dodgy guy selling them at a reduced cost in an alley behind the store. She buys one from him. The dolls name happens to be Chucky! She gives it to Andy and he loves it. They become inseparable. But Chucky is no ordinary doll. He just happens to be the reincarnation of Charles Lee Ray and he is hellbent on getting out of the plastic doll body!

Chucky begins to kill people. The first one is a friend of Karen's.She had been babysitting Andy at the time and Chucky made her fall out of the window. Andy is upset and so is Karen when she comes home.
Cop Mike Norris is on the case. They find small footprints in the house and Norris thinks that Andy might have had something to do with it. The next day, Chucky tells Andy to cut school and he takes him on a journey to an old house. Chucky goes inside and he finds his old pal Eddie who ran off and left him to face the cops. He kills him.Andy figures out that Chucky is alive and dangerous and he tries to tell people but he ends up in a hospital as everyone thinks that he has problems. Karen looks at Chucky and realises that he is talking but there are no batteries in him! Chucky attacks her. He escapes and she tries to tell Norris about it, but he thinks that she is crazy!

Chucky attacks Mike and Mike realises that Karen wasn't crazy after all. Chucky gets Andy and he tries to put his evil spirit into the boy. Mike and Karen race to get to him before he can do more damage. They try to kill him and eventually they do. Somehow you know that Chucky will be back!! This film is great fun and it comes across as more of a comedy than horror. Brad Dourif does well as the voice of Chucky and the movie is very entertaining. If you are looking for a good comedy/horror, then this is for you.I am giving it an 8/10.


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