Monday, October 1, 2012

The Victim Movie Review 264

The Victim is a 2011 straight to DVD movie written, directed and starring Michael Biehn (Terminator,Aliens) and his wife Jennifer Blanc(Party of Five,Dark Angel). This is a grindhouse movie and it was shot in only 11 days which explains a lot!

The action begins with a woman running through the woods, obviously being chased by someone. She arrives at the cabin of Kyle(Biehn) begging for help. He lets her inside and he asks her what happened to her. She tells him that she and her friend,Mary(Danielle Harris) were with two men having fun when it all turned into a nightmare. Mary was murdered by one of them. The woman's name is Annie(Blanc) and she tells Kyle that she realised what had happened to her pal and she was afraid that they would kill her next so she ran.They are called Cooger(Denny Kirkwood) and Harrison(Ryan Honey) who is a cop.

Kyle is a bit taken aback by all of this and he tells her that he will take her into town. Harrison and Cooger show up at the cabin looking for Annie. They tell him that she is wanted.Kyle pretends that he hasn't seen her. They leave and Annie tries to convince Kyle that she isn't a troublemaker. She tells him that she will take him to see the body. They drive off to find it. They reach the spot, but Mary isn't there. In the middle of all this, Annie and Kyle have sex. Kyle goes outside and Harrison breaks in and finds Annie.
He takes her hostage and waits for Kyle. He and Kyle fight and Kyle knocks him out. He ties him up and asks him some questions. Harrison tries to bargain with Kyle and tells him that Annie is not who she seems. They take Harrison out to find the body but he can't.

Cooger shows up with a gun and Harrison has the upper hand. He beats Kyle up and he wants to kill him and Annie and burn the cabin. Cooger doesn't want to do it. Annie manages to get the gun from Cooger and she shoots him. She helps Kyle and he manages to kill Harrison. He buries the bodies and he and Annie talk about serial killers and she begins to realise that Kyle is not all that he seems....
This is an entertaining thriller and it is the directorial debut of Biehn so you have to give him credit as it is obvious that he had little money to make this. It isn't going to blow you away with special effects or great acting, but it is definitely worth a watch. Biehn obviously put a lot of work into this, so see it if you can....I'll be nice and give it a 5/10.


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