Tuesday, November 6, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 2

Episode two begins with Bloody Face chasing the girl in the old asylum. He kills her husband and he is coming for her...Cut back to 1964 and Lana's girlfriend Lois is feeling bad about giving Sr. Jude the go ahead to put Lana in the asylum. She is going to try and get her out when she is killed by Bloody Face.
Sr Jude goes to Dr.Arden and she tells him that she wants him to perform shock therapy on Lana. Lana is given it and she has to write things down to remember them. A psychiatrist called Dr.Thredson(Zachary Quinto) comes into the asylum to meet Kit. Kit tells him about the alien abduction of his wife and the doctor thinks that he is insane. Kit wants to escape the asylum. Dr. Thredson is appalled at the mistreatment of the patients and he mentions it to Sr. Jude who puts him in his place.

 A couple come into the asylum with their son who seems to be acting very strangely. It seems as if he is possessed and Sr. Jude calls in some priests to perform an exorcism. They want Dr. Thredson to help them and he does, but with reservations as he does not believe in possession.  Lana asks Grace to help her escape. Grace wants Kit to come with them, but Lana will not allow it. Dr. Arden has a prostitute at his house and it turns out that he is a complete weirdo. Sr Jude gets caught in the room with the possessed Jed and he knows her past. It turns out that she was a loose woman before becoming a nun and she killed a girl when she was drunk driving.

The lights start turning on and off and the cell doors open in the asylum. All of the patients come out of their cells. Lana and Grace see this as an excuse to escape. They are making their way when Kit wants to come along. Lana won't go with him and she tells the wardens that he is trying to escape, ruining Grace's escape too. The possessed boy dies but the evil seems to transfer into someone else. Sr Jude is happy that Lana has stopped Grace and Kit from leaving.She brings them in and she hits them with her cane as Lana watches. They both hate Lana now.


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