Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cottage Movie Review 270

The Cottage is a 2012 thriller directed by Chris Jaymes and starring David Arquette,Kristen Dalton and Victor Browne.

The movie begins with a man and young woman getting married. The groom hands the bride a knife and she stabs two people presumably her parents. Cut to family living in a huge house. There ie father Michael(Browne), stepmother Chloe(Dalton), daughters Rose(Alana O'Mara), Danielle(Morissa O'Mara) and baby Taylor. There is a lot of friction between stepmother Chloe and her stepdaughter Danielle who is a bit of a bitch. Michael and Chloe have a cottage on their property which they want to rent.They are expecting a woman but a girl calls to the house and tells them that she was in a hit and run and won't be able to take the cottage. They have to look for someone new and along comes Robert(Arquette) who is a writer of romance stories. He seems very nice and both Michael and Chloe like him and agree to let him move into the cottage.

Chloe has her friend Annie(Bellamy Young) around for dinner and she asks Robert to come too. Annie likes him. He calls over to her the next day and he makes her feel very uncomfortable.She asks him to go but he won't leave. He takes her off in his struck to a place in the woods where he has three girls waiting for him. They are obviously his wives/girlfriends. They kill Annie. Next day, Danielle is in her bikini and Robert watches her from his cottage. The cops come to see Robert and Chloe goes over to see why. He tells her that it was nothing. He creeps her out and she begins to think that he is a weirdo. She tells Michael that she wants him to leave and Michael agrees. Danielle's boyfriend, Justin is over at her house. She throws him out and he hears music coming from the cottage. He peeks through the window and sees a girl dancing around. Robert catches him and invites him inside.

Robert continues with his creepiness until Michael goes over and tells him to get out. The next day, Chloe wakes up and Michael has gone. She tries to find him. Danielle goes missing next and she finds out that Rose was having a relationship with Robert for ages. They were chatting and there are pictures on her computer of them together. She gets attacked by Robert and taken to his place in the woods. Michael, Justin and Danielle are there. Rose and Robert are getting 'married' and then Rose has to kill her family. She kills Michael and Justin, but the others escape. Chloe stabs Robert and she and Danielle think that he is dead. They run off. The movie ends with Rose and loads of other young women standing around a bed where Robert is lying. They are waiting for him to recover. Rose has joined the group...

This film was okay. I thought that there was some awful acting. The characters in the family were unlikeable and silly. I thought that Arquette was good in his part. He played the creepy character well and that was the only thing that kept me watching. Dalton was awful as Chloe and the daughters were like blocks of wood. I was hoping that they would get killed off! The ending was weak, but all in all, not a bad thriller...I am giving it a 5/10.


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