Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 2

Last episode,the group were in the prison and they met some humans who were there. Cut to this week and Rick and company talk to them to find out that they are survivors who were inmates of the prison.
They have been hiding out in the prison, unaware of the chaos outside. More walkers are coming and the group need to move Hersel somewhere safe. The prisoners follow them and they end up arguing over territory. They eventually come to an agreement. Rick tells them he will help them to move to another cell block in exchange for food supplies.

The prisoners seem clueless about killing walkers. Rick and the group have to show them how. Carl manages to get medical supplies. The prisoners get some practice in killing the walkers, but one of their own gets bitten and they have to kill him. Meanwhile, Carol needs a female walker to experiment on. She wants to know how to give a c-section as she will probably have to perform one for Lori.Another two of the prisoners get killed. Rick is going to kill the final two of them, but changes his mind. He leaves them to fend for themselves in one of the prison blocks. Hershel wakes up and he is still alive. Carol performs her experiment on a dead walker. Someone is watching her.....

A good episode with loads of action. This series has started very well and I like that there is a change of scenery. Rick has stepped up finally and he is showing some leadership skills!


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