Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 3

This week begins with a helicopter flying through the air. Someone shoots at it and brings it down. It crashes in the woods. Andrea and Michonne are there to see it. They are hiding in the bushes and they see jeeps driving to the scene and men get out. They look over the scene and take the wounded pilot with them. They realise that Michonne and Andrea are there and they take them with them also. They are with someone who is very familiar to Andrea. Merle(Daryl's brother) is in the group of men and they blindfold the women and bring them to a community. Andrea gets medical help. Andrea tells Merle all that has happened to Rick etc and how she got separated from the group and met Michonne. She tells Merle that Daryl was fine the last time she saw him but she doesn't know what happened to him.

They meet the leader of the community and he is called The Governor(David Morrissey) and he seems
like a reasonable person. He has their weapons and he tells them that they can leave tomorrow. The community is called Woodbury and it has everything that someone could want. The town is well guarded and the people seem to have plenty of weapons. The Governor shows them to a room where they can sleep for the night. He tells them that there are 73 people living there. Andrea likes him and he seems to like her too. She seems very impressed with the town. The Governor talks to the pilot of the helicopter and asks him what happened. He tells him that he was with other army guys and they got ambushed by walkers. There are still some guys waiting for them to return.

The Governor wants Merle to get more information about Rick and company. He is interested in the group of survivors. Andrea decides that she wants to stay but Michonne is not so sure. She is wary of The Governor and for a good reason. He takes his men out and they find the army guys who are waiting for the helicopter and they kill them all. It seems that The Governor is not so good after all. He goes back to his base and he has a room full of heads in containers. Just what is he up to???


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