Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 4

This episode begins with an unknown person putting down fresh meat to lure the walkers. Cut to the two prisoners who Rick and company left in a section of the prison. They can't stand being inside there any longer and they want to join Rick's group. Rick and the others don't want them. Meanwhile, Michonne is having a look at the army jeep that the Governor and his crew brought back after they murdered the army guys last week. She notices that there are bullet holes in it and she realises that the walkers might not be the only killers around.She talks to the Governor and he has an excuse for everything.

In the prison Hershel is able to get up and walk around. He goes outside to see the others. In the other camp, Michonne and Andrea talk about leaving. Michonne wants to get out of there as she thinks that there is something funny going on. Back at the prison, Lori, Hershel and Carl are ambushed by walkers and they have to get away. The others run to help them. They go back inside but T-Dog is bitten on the shoulder by a walker. It turns out that someone has opened the gates and let the walkers in to the prison. Who was it? Rick assumes it was the two prisoners.Someone has also set off the siren and the walkers are coming from everywhere. At this time, Lori is with Maggie and Carl and she tells them that the baby is coming.

In the other camp, Merle and Andrea chat about Daryl and she tells him all she knows. He goes to talk to the Governor about it and he tells him that he wants to go and find his brother. The Governor tells him that he needs him at the camp and he doesn't want him to leave. Lori, meanwhile,is about the give birth.
T-Dog sacrifices himself to save Carol in the prison and he gets eaten by walkers. One of the prisoners inside attacks Rick and tries to kill him, but the other one saves his life. Lori tells Maggie that she will have to perform a c-section on her and this will mean operating. Maggie doesn't want to do it, but Lori tells her that the baby needs to survive. She does so and Lori says a tearful goodbye to Carl. She dies of blood loss but Carl has to put a bullet in her to make sure that she will not return as a walker. The baby is fine and Maggie takes it away. She and Carl go outside where Rick and the and the others are and he realises what has happened.

A very good episode with loads happening. It was sad when Lori died,but her character annoyed me so much that I was glad to see the back of her. T-Dog was a good character and it was a pity for him to die, but it does move the story along so that is good!


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