Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 5

 Last episode, we saw T-Dog die and Carol go missing and Lori died in childbirth. Rick is in pieces after he realises what has happened. This episode begins with Andrea enjoying her time in Woodbury but Michonne wants to leave. The Governor has a walker with him but it is a little girl. We find out that it is his daughter. Michonne watches him. Meanwhile at the prison Rick is in shock. Maggie and Daryl go to find some baby formula. Rick takes his anger out on the walkers and slashes his way through loads of them.Back in the town, Michonne is increasingly unhappy with what she sees. She thinks that the Governor is not as nice as he seems. She gets her sword back and she looks around. There are walkers locked up for research and she lets them out and kills them. The Governor is not happy with her. He wants her to stay and join the research team but she pulls her sword on him and it is obvious that she is not going to be joining him.

The Governor tries to get Andrea to talk to Michonne and make her see reason but Andrea can't convince her to stay. Andrea decides to go with her. They are preparing to go when Andrea changes her mind and decides to stay in the town.Michonne has to head off on her own. The Governor is very happy that Andrea is staying. Daryl and Maggie manage to find baby formula and supplies which they bring back to the prison. Daryl gives the baby her first feed. That night, Andrea and the rest of the town sit down to a fight where Merle and some of his buddies fight with walkers who have had their teeth removed so they can't bite. Andrea doesn't like it. Back in the prison, Rick is surprised when a telephone rings.. He picks it up...

A very good episode. I like the way that everything is being set up for a confrontation eventually. The two camps will meet and then there will be sides chosen, I'd say!


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