Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 7

Last time, Bloody Face had Lana held in his basement, Sr. Jude had found the Nazi hunter dead and Shelley was murdered by the Monsignor. This weeks episode begins with Grace being very ill after her sterilisation. Sr. Mary Eunice tells Arden about it. She is the boss now. The Angel of Death shows up at Briarcliff and talks to Sr. Mary Eunice. The Angel knows what she is. Arden tries to help Grace. Thredson has sex with Lana and she sees the Angel of Death too. Kit tries to tell his lawyer that he is innocent, but no one will believe him. He manages to escape from custody. Lana realises that she is not ready to die yet. Thredson tries to kill her, but she fights back and manages to escape. She meets a car on the road and  jumps in. Unfortunately, the guy in it is a nutcase too and he blows his brains out in front of her and the car crashes. She wakes up back in Briarcliff.

Sr. Jude is still with the Nazi hunter and he tells her that it was a nun who killed him. We find out about Sr. Jude before she became a nun. She was a drunk and she knocked down a little girl which drove her to enter a convent. Sr. Mary Eunice calls Sr. Jude and tries to get her to commit suicide. Sr. Jude thinks about it but doesn't do it. She pays a visit to the family of the girl she killed. She discovers that the girl was not killed after all. She is so relieved. Lana wants to talk to Sr. Jude but she is told that Jude has left.
She tells Sr. Mary Eunice about Thredson. She tells Lana that she believes her story . Grace recovers and Kit shows up to get her out of there. The security guard, Frank, catches him and shoots her by mistake instead of Kit. The Angel of Death shows up and takes Grace with her. Grace is finally free....

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas from Jigsaw's Lair!

 We at Jigsaws Lair want to wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that you enjoyed our blog this year and there will be plenty more to come in the New Year! We have lots of movies to watch and we started with Black Christmas last night! What better way to start the festive season! We will be having an alternative Christmas movie marathon with some horror mixed in with the
usual Christmas movies! Have a good Christmas and check us out on Facebook at!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 6

 Last episode, Lana had discovered that Dr. Thredson was Bloody Face and that Kit has been set up by him to take the fall for his crimes. Dr. Arden hid his secret past and Sr. Jude was on the brink of losing her position at Briarcliff. This week, we begin in present day with the cops finding the fake Bloody Faces who were in the abandoned asylum. Back to Briarcliff and a woman brings in her daughter telling Sr. Jude that she has killed a little boy and she needs help. Lana is imprisoned with Bloody Face. He tells her about his life and he thinks that she is his mother in some bizarre game. The Nazi hunter calls Sr. Jude to tell her that Arden was at a concentration camp as a doctor. He just needs his fingerprint to make sure that it is the same man.

The woman leaves her daughter, Jenny at Briarcliff as she cannot cope with her. Shelley is in hospital and she gets a visit from the Monsignor who kills her after it is revealed that he is working with Arden. He goes to Arden and tells him that he is not happy with Shelley's situation. He is appalled at what she had become and he warns Arden that he will tell people what has been going on. Arden threatens him and tells him that he will let people know that he was in it up to his neck too. The Monsignor wants Sr. Jude out of Briarcliff. She has no choice but to go. Kit calls Thredson to help him with his case, but Thredson won't lift a finger to help him now. Kit figures out that he was set up.

Sr. Jude manages to get Arden's fingerprint but when she goes to the Nazi hunter, she finds that he has been attacked and is dying. He tells Jude that it was one of her nuns who killed him. In fact, we see that Sr. Mary Eunice killed him to stop him from finding out about Arden. She tells him that she has taken care of it for him. He wonders what she wants in return. She wants his soul. Jenny returns home and she kills her family. Bloody Face  gets ready to kill Lana but she tries to trick him into believing that she is his mother.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 5

Continuing on from the last episode, Sr. Jude delves into Dr. Arden's background. She visits a Nazi hunter to find out more information about his past. Sr.Jude tries to talk to Anne Frank about Arden too.
It turns out that Anne Frank is actually called Charlotte and her husband shows up looking for her. He tells Sr. Jude that Charlotte has a child and that she is obsessed with the idea that she is Anne Frank and that she is deluded about it. He wants to take her home. Sr. Jude is angry that she has been lied to. Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson is trying to help Kit. He doesn't want him to be sterilised and he makes sure that he gets him out of solitary. He can't help Grace, though. Dr. Arden tells Sr. Jude that he will sue her to trying to damage his reputation. He tells her that he will get her fired.

Sr. Mary Eunice apologises to Arden for trying to seduce him. She tells him that she protected him by getting rid of Shelley before his experiment was discovered. Shelley ends up crawling into a schoolyard where she terrifies some young children. Arden wants to give Charlotte a lobotomy to 'help' her, but it is just to cover his lies. Dr. Thredson helps Lana to escape. He takes her out in his car and back to his house. Sr. Jude discovers that Lana has escapes and she thinks that she will be fired. She leaves Briarcliff. Lana realises that Thredson is not who he says he is. In fact, he is Bloody Face and he has set Kit up to take the fall for his crimes.Charlotte is back with her husband and baby. She has completely changed after her operation and remembers nothing about Arden and his past. Arden is safe again. There is a photograph of Hitler on the wall and who should be beside him only Dr. Arden!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some Christmas Entertainment!

It's that time of year again and we at Jigsaw's Lair are preparing for the merry season ahead. We have been seeking out our favourite Christmas movies and so far we have Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas(original of course),Don't Open Till Christmas, Christmas Evil and Santa's Slay. There are plenty of movies to choose from so I think that we will be set from Christmas Eve until New Year. Then, there will be another year of horror to look forward to! I have included the trailers to some of these movies to put you in the Christmas mood! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nightmares Movie Review 274

Nightmares is a 1983 horror anthology directed by Joseph Sargent and starring Emilio Estevez and Lance Henriksen.

The first segment is called Terror in Topanga.It begins with a cop who is on a traffic stop when he hears something in the bushes. He goes to investigate and someone jumps out at him and kills him. Cut to Lisa(Cristina Raines) who decides to go out late at night to get a few things from the grocery store. Her husband doesn't want her to go out but she does so anyway. She runs out of gas and she has to go to a lonely gas station where she gets her car filled up. She is very nervous as she thinks that the killer could be around. The gas station attendant makes her very nervous and she begins to think that he might be the killer. He looks into her car and she sees him with a weapon but instead of killing her, he attacks the murderer who was in the back seat...

The second segment is called The Bishop of Battle. A teenager called J.J. Cooney(Emilio Estevez) is a video game fanatic and he is trying to beat a certain game which has been annoying him for ages. It is called The Bishop of Battle. He can get to a certain level and then he is stuck. He gets frustrated by it and he keeps trying. He is neglecting his schoolwork and the owner of the arcade has to tell him to go home.
He sneaks back in and starts to take on the game once again. He finally reaches the last level but he gets trapped in the game by The Bishop of Battle and is seen on the screen where he is stuck forever...

The third segment is called The Benediction. A priest, MacLeod(Lance Henriksen) has bad dreams about being bitten by a snake. He decides to leave the priesthood after the death of a young boy. He heads off in his car but notices that after a while, a black truck is following him. He doesn't think much of it at first, but then it gets closer and closer and it runs him off the road. He is worried that there is some nutcase after him for some reason. He can't see who is in the car. It crashes into him and the car turns over. He escapes but the truck isn't finished.It rams into his car and destroys it. It finally disappears. The cops come and McLeod tries to explain what happened, but there is no sign of the truck. They think that he fell asleep at the wheel. McLeod decides to go back to his parish after all..

The fourth and last segment is called Night of the Rat. This section begins with a family. The mother, Clair(Veronica Cartwright) is hearing scratching noises in the house. She thinks that it might be rats. She wants to call in an exterminator but her husband, Steven(Richard Masur) won't hear of it. He goes up into the attic and sets some rat traps. They find a dead rat the next day. Steven throws it out in the thrash. Their cat gets attacked and killed by something in the garage. Clair finds the cat and she knows that there is something very wrong. She calls in the exterminator. He finds that there are huge holes in the walls and some wires have been chewed. Steven arrives home and sends the exterminator home. The exterminator calls Clair and tells her that it could be a devil rat. Steven is angry. Finally one night, they hear noises and Steven goes down to see what it is. They look into their daughters room and see the devil rat sitting on her bed. The daughter tells them that it is looking for its baby who was killed in the trap. Steven gets the body and gives it to the rat who takes it and disappears into the night...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 8

 This is the mid season finale of the show which is really annoying because we will have to wait until next year to see what happens!!!

This episode begins with an unknown group of survivors going through the woods killing walkers. They stumble upon the prison. In Woodbury, the Governor is making plans to go to the prison and kill all of Rick's group. Merle doesn't want anything to happen to his brother Daryl. Rick and the group sneak into the town. Maggie and Glenn attack Merle and his guys but he gets away. Rick and the group rescue Glenn and Maggie and they have to hide from The Governor's men. The Governor learns that they have broken into the town. Glenn tells Daryl what Merle has been doing but Daryl wants to see his brother. Rick tells him that they need to leave now.

Andrea wants to help The Governor fight these attackers, but he doesn't want her in the middle of everything. Michonne gets into The Governor's office and waits for him. Andrea goes ahead and gets her gun and starts to shoot at Rick and the others, not knowing who they are. One of the prisoners who were in Rick's group gets killed. Meanwhile back at the prison, the new group of survivors  get into the prison.
Carl finds them and he helps them to get away from the walkers. In Woodbury, Michonne finds The Governor's daughter and lets her out, not realising that she is a walker. The Governor finds her with his daughter and he begs Michonne not to hurt her. She kills her anyway and he is furious. They have a fight and she stabs him in one eye, blinding him. Andrea catches her and pulls a gun on her. She leaves. Andrea finds The Governor's head collection and she sees him crying over his dead daughter.

At the prison, Carl locks the new group into a cell block with food etc until the others come back. Andrea talks to The Governor about his daughter. Merle and his gang show up and see what has happened. They tell The Governor that Rick and the others have escaped. Rick thinks that Michonne double crossed him but she tells him that she didn't and that they need her. In Woodbury, The Governor talks to his people. He tells them that terrorists broke into their town and killed some of their people. He blames Merle for it all as Merle brought Maggie and Glenn back. He brings out an unknown person with a sack on his head and it turns out to be Daryl who got left behind. Merle and Daryl see each other after a long time but their reunion could be short lived as the town want them dead! Andrea realises what has happened and she is horrified!

A great episode. I like The Governor's character. He is evil but he is a great baddie. It is good to have some human baddies for a change. I like the character of Michonne too. She is tough. Some of the other characters I could really care less about such as Hershel etc. They are just boring, I think. Let's hope that the second half of the season is as good as the first and the two gangs are set to face off!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 4

Last episode, poor Shelley woke up to find that both of her legs had been amputated by the nutty Dr. Arden.

This episode begins with a new patient being brought into the asylum. Dr. Arden is still working away on Shelley and doing tests on Kit.Dr. Thredson asks Lana where she, Kit and Grace went during the movie.  He tells her that he wants her to be released as he doesn't think that she is insane. The new patient calls herself Anne Frank and she claims to be the real deal. She tells Sr.Jude that she pretended to be dead to protect herself. She tells Sr. Jude that Dr. Arden was a doctor in the concentration camp where she was held. She tells her that he went under the name Dr. Hans Gruber. Arden denies it but Sr. Jude isn't so sure.

Kit and Grace have sex but they are caught by Sr. Jude and they are to be sterilised.Dr Thredson is trying to cure Lana of her lesbian tendencies but it is not working. Sr. Jude goes to the Monseigneur and tells him all about Anne Frank and everything. He thinks that she has lost the plot and he tells her that he knows of her drinking on the job. He then contacts Arden so we find out that there is something sinister going on between them. Kit and Grace talk and he discovers that she killed her step father and her mother because she was being sexually abused by her step dad and her mother did nothing. Dr. Thredson decides that he wants to take Lana out of the asylum with him. Dr Arden gets Anne Frank alone and he threatens her. She pulls a gun on him but then she sees what used to be Shelley crawling on the ground. She is horrified. Shelley is a monster....

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 7

 Last time, Michonne had reached the prison and met Rick for the first time...

This episode begins with Glenn being interrogated by Merle. Merle wants to know where their camp is. He beats him while trying to get the information out of him. Meanwhile, Michonne gets ambushed by walkers at the gates of the prison. Rick doesn't know if he should let her in or not. She is weak from her wound so she collapses. The walkers are going to kill her, but Rick and the others save her and bring her inside. Rick takes her sword from her. Daryl brings Carol to the others and Rick is delighted to see her alive. Carol is upset when she realises that Lori is dead. Michonne tells Rick that Glenn and Maggie are in a place called Woodbury and she tells him about The Governor. They decide to go and get them out.

Back in Woodbury, Merle is trying to break Glenn. The Governor tells Andrea that he has people performing experiments on people trying to find out why they turn into walkers. Maggie meets The Governor and he pretends to be nice to her at first, but then she sees his real side. He makes her strip and she thinks that he is going to rape her, but he doesn't. He brings her into Glenn and tells him that they will die if he doesn't tell him where their camp is. Maggie breaks and tells him. Rick and company arrive at Woodbury to get Glenn and Maggie...

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Tall Man Movie Review 273

The Tall Man is a 2012 thriller directed by Pascal Laugier(Martyrs) and starring Jessica Biel and William B.Davis.

In the small town of Cold Rock, there are lots of missing children. The local legend is that a kidnapper called The Tall Man is taking them. There is a cop called Dodd(Stephen McHattie) working on the disappearances. The local doctor is Julia(Biel) and she is a widow. She tries to help some of the local people. She has a son and she lives with her friend, Christine. Her son gets taken by someone who we assume to be The Tall Man. Julia chases him and tries to get her son back. She fails and her son has gone. She ends up in the local diner where the locals are wondering what happened to her. She is in the bathroom when she hears them talking about her and she knows that they want her. She escapes through the bathroom window.

The townsfolk chase her, thinking that she is the child kidnapper. They think that she killed the children who went missing. She gets attacked by a local woman whose son she kidnapped and had living with her.
We discover that Julia was taking the children from bad parents and giving them to The Tall Man who would make sure that the children went to good homes with plenty of love and care. She thought that she was helping the children to escape from horrible situations. The town doesn't realise what she was doing because she cannot tell them. She admits to killing them and she goes to prison. Meanwhile a local girl called Jenny is very unhappy at home and she begs Julia to call The Tall Man to take her away from her horrible life. The Tall Man does come and she goes with him willingly. Julia might get the death penalty but she is willing to accept her fate because of the children who are living happier lives now. Jenny gets a new home and she has all the advantages that she could ever want. Is she happy?

I would have been happier if I had never watched this film. It is very poor. I didn't like it at all. It was boring and I didn't like the actors. It was just a very slow movie and it was a waste of time.Avoid. It gets a 2/10.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 6

 In the last episode, Michonne had left Woodbury and Rick heard the telephone ring in the prison.

This episode begins with Merle and his crew looking for Michonne in the woods. She manages to kill two of his companions and Merle chases her. Cut back to the prison and Rick is talking on the phone to a woman.She won't tell him where she is. Rick wants to join her group of survivors. He then talks to a guy on the phone and he tries to find out where they are. He tells Hershel about the phone call. Meanwhile, Merle finds Michonne and they fight. He can't get the better of her although he does wound her. He tells his last man to stop going after her and let her off. His man won't stop so Merle shoots him. Merle thinks that the walkers will get Michonne so he heads back to Woodbury. Michonne struggles on and she is covered in walker blood. The walkers pass her by and she realises that she is safe if she is covered in their blood.

Rick gets another phone call and this time they know his name.Michonne has reached town and she sees Maggie and Glenn as they are looking for baby formula. She hides.Merle catches them and he takes them back to Woodbury. They tell him that Daryl is still alive. Meanwhile, Rick is talking to the person on the phone. It turns out to be his dead wife. He realises that he is having some sort of breakdown. Merle arrives back in Woodbury and he tells the Governor about them. In the prison, Daryl hears noises and he goes to investigate. He finds a wounded Carol still alive. Michonne stumbles to the prison. She has the baby formula with her. Rick sees her...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sinister Movie Review 272

Sinister is a 2012 horror movie directed by Scott Derrickson(The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and starring Ethan Hawke and Fred Thompson.

In the beginning of the film, we see a family hanging from a tree with hoods over their heads. They are then hanged by some unseen force. Cut to true crime writer Ellison Oswalt(Hawke), his wife Tracy(Juliet Rylance), daughter Ashley and son Trevor. They are moving into a new house as Ellison is writing a book about a young girl who disappeared after her family were murdered. What he doesn't tell his family is that the house they are moving into is the murdered family's house. Ellison is looking up in the attic when he finds a box of home movies. He hooks them up to a projector and starts to watch. They start normally enough but then he sees families being murdered by someone who is unseen on the camera. He is disturbed by these movies but doesn't take them to the cops. He spots something in each of the movies. There is some sort of demon lurking in the background and there are symbols on the walls.

He becomes obsessed with finding out who this demon is. He starts to hear noises etc in the house and strange things happen with his son. A local cop listens to his story and he gets him some information on the murders. His wife seems oblivious to all these happenings. The murders are all connected and the local cop thinks that it must be a serial killer. Ellison talks to a professor called Jonas(Cameo from Vincent D'Onofrio)who tells him that the symbols are connected to a pagan deity called Bughuul. This thing needs the souls of children to survive. He lures the children in and then he traps them and takes them with him.He took one of the children from each of the murdered families. Has he come for Ellison's children? This is where the film began to dip. I think that it was just too slow in parts and even though I did like the premise, it was poorly executed. Hawke is a good actor and I liked him as the writer, but seeing him walking around in the middle of the night hearing voices in his moth eaten cardigan began to annoy me after a while. There was very little actual scares in this film and it was very easy to predict the end which was disappointing. The actress who played the wife was awful and the kids were irritating.I was very let down by this film.The only reason I stuck with it was Hawke. He did the best he could with the part. 

I won't give away the ending just in case you might want to see it, but in my opinion, this just wasn't great. It was just another by the numbers horror movie and it is best forgotten which is a real pity. I have seen low budget movies which are way better than this and I did like this directors other movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose which was way better. I will give it a 4/10. If you have seen Sinister, what did you think of it?
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