Wednesday, December 12, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 4

Last episode, poor Shelley woke up to find that both of her legs had been amputated by the nutty Dr. Arden.

This episode begins with a new patient being brought into the asylum. Dr. Arden is still working away on Shelley and doing tests on Kit.Dr. Thredson asks Lana where she, Kit and Grace went during the movie.  He tells her that he wants her to be released as he doesn't think that she is insane. The new patient calls herself Anne Frank and she claims to be the real deal. She tells Sr.Jude that she pretended to be dead to protect herself. She tells Sr. Jude that Dr. Arden was a doctor in the concentration camp where she was held. She tells her that he went under the name Dr. Hans Gruber. Arden denies it but Sr. Jude isn't so sure.

Kit and Grace have sex but they are caught by Sr. Jude and they are to be sterilised.Dr Thredson is trying to cure Lana of her lesbian tendencies but it is not working. Sr. Jude goes to the Monseigneur and tells him all about Anne Frank and everything. He thinks that she has lost the plot and he tells her that he knows of her drinking on the job. He then contacts Arden so we find out that there is something sinister going on between them. Kit and Grace talk and he discovers that she killed her step father and her mother because she was being sexually abused by her step dad and her mother did nothing. Dr. Thredson decides that he wants to take Lana out of the asylum with him. Dr Arden gets Anne Frank alone and he threatens her. She pulls a gun on him but then she sees what used to be Shelley crawling on the ground. She is horrified. Shelley is a monster....


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