Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 5

Continuing on from the last episode, Sr. Jude delves into Dr. Arden's background. She visits a Nazi hunter to find out more information about his past. Sr.Jude tries to talk to Anne Frank about Arden too.
It turns out that Anne Frank is actually called Charlotte and her husband shows up looking for her. He tells Sr. Jude that Charlotte has a child and that she is obsessed with the idea that she is Anne Frank and that she is deluded about it. He wants to take her home. Sr. Jude is angry that she has been lied to. Meanwhile, Dr. Thredson is trying to help Kit. He doesn't want him to be sterilised and he makes sure that he gets him out of solitary. He can't help Grace, though. Dr. Arden tells Sr. Jude that he will sue her to trying to damage his reputation. He tells her that he will get her fired.

Sr. Mary Eunice apologises to Arden for trying to seduce him. She tells him that she protected him by getting rid of Shelley before his experiment was discovered. Shelley ends up crawling into a schoolyard where she terrifies some young children. Arden wants to give Charlotte a lobotomy to 'help' her, but it is just to cover his lies. Dr. Thredson helps Lana to escape. He takes her out in his car and back to his house. Sr. Jude discovers that Lana has escapes and she thinks that she will be fired. She leaves Briarcliff. Lana realises that Thredson is not who he says he is. In fact, he is Bloody Face and he has set Kit up to take the fall for his crimes.Charlotte is back with her husband and baby. She has completely changed after her operation and remembers nothing about Arden and his past. Arden is safe again. There is a photograph of Hitler on the wall and who should be beside him only Dr. Arden!


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