Saturday, December 22, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 6

 Last episode, Lana had discovered that Dr. Thredson was Bloody Face and that Kit has been set up by him to take the fall for his crimes. Dr. Arden hid his secret past and Sr. Jude was on the brink of losing her position at Briarcliff. This week, we begin in present day with the cops finding the fake Bloody Faces who were in the abandoned asylum. Back to Briarcliff and a woman brings in her daughter telling Sr. Jude that she has killed a little boy and she needs help. Lana is imprisoned with Bloody Face. He tells her about his life and he thinks that she is his mother in some bizarre game. The Nazi hunter calls Sr. Jude to tell her that Arden was at a concentration camp as a doctor. He just needs his fingerprint to make sure that it is the same man.

The woman leaves her daughter, Jenny at Briarcliff as she cannot cope with her. Shelley is in hospital and she gets a visit from the Monsignor who kills her after it is revealed that he is working with Arden. He goes to Arden and tells him that he is not happy with Shelley's situation. He is appalled at what she had become and he warns Arden that he will tell people what has been going on. Arden threatens him and tells him that he will let people know that he was in it up to his neck too. The Monsignor wants Sr. Jude out of Briarcliff. She has no choice but to go. Kit calls Thredson to help him with his case, but Thredson won't lift a finger to help him now. Kit figures out that he was set up.

Sr. Jude manages to get Arden's fingerprint but when she goes to the Nazi hunter, she finds that he has been attacked and is dying. He tells Jude that it was one of her nuns who killed him. In fact, we see that Sr. Mary Eunice killed him to stop him from finding out about Arden. She tells him that she has taken care of it for him. He wonders what she wants in return. She wants his soul. Jenny returns home and she kills her family. Bloody Face  gets ready to kill Lana but she tries to trick him into believing that she is his mother.


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