Saturday, December 29, 2012

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 7

Last time, Bloody Face had Lana held in his basement, Sr. Jude had found the Nazi hunter dead and Shelley was murdered by the Monsignor. This weeks episode begins with Grace being very ill after her sterilisation. Sr. Mary Eunice tells Arden about it. She is the boss now. The Angel of Death shows up at Briarcliff and talks to Sr. Mary Eunice. The Angel knows what she is. Arden tries to help Grace. Thredson has sex with Lana and she sees the Angel of Death too. Kit tries to tell his lawyer that he is innocent, but no one will believe him. He manages to escape from custody. Lana realises that she is not ready to die yet. Thredson tries to kill her, but she fights back and manages to escape. She meets a car on the road and  jumps in. Unfortunately, the guy in it is a nutcase too and he blows his brains out in front of her and the car crashes. She wakes up back in Briarcliff.

Sr. Jude is still with the Nazi hunter and he tells her that it was a nun who killed him. We find out about Sr. Jude before she became a nun. She was a drunk and she knocked down a little girl which drove her to enter a convent. Sr. Mary Eunice calls Sr. Jude and tries to get her to commit suicide. Sr. Jude thinks about it but doesn't do it. She pays a visit to the family of the girl she killed. She discovers that the girl was not killed after all. She is so relieved. Lana wants to talk to Sr. Jude but she is told that Jude has left.
She tells Sr. Mary Eunice about Thredson. She tells Lana that she believes her story . Grace recovers and Kit shows up to get her out of there. The security guard, Frank, catches him and shoots her by mistake instead of Kit. The Angel of Death shows up and takes Grace with her. Grace is finally free....


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