Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 6

 In the last episode, Michonne had left Woodbury and Rick heard the telephone ring in the prison.

This episode begins with Merle and his crew looking for Michonne in the woods. She manages to kill two of his companions and Merle chases her. Cut back to the prison and Rick is talking on the phone to a woman.She won't tell him where she is. Rick wants to join her group of survivors. He then talks to a guy on the phone and he tries to find out where they are. He tells Hershel about the phone call. Meanwhile, Merle finds Michonne and they fight. He can't get the better of her although he does wound her. He tells his last man to stop going after her and let her off. His man won't stop so Merle shoots him. Merle thinks that the walkers will get Michonne so he heads back to Woodbury. Michonne struggles on and she is covered in walker blood. The walkers pass her by and she realises that she is safe if she is covered in their blood.

Rick gets another phone call and this time they know his name.Michonne has reached town and she sees Maggie and Glenn as they are looking for baby formula. She hides.Merle catches them and he takes them back to Woodbury. They tell him that Daryl is still alive. Meanwhile, Rick is talking to the person on the phone. It turns out to be his dead wife. He realises that he is having some sort of breakdown. Merle arrives back in Woodbury and he tells the Governor about them. In the prison, Daryl hears noises and he goes to investigate. He finds a wounded Carol still alive. Michonne stumbles to the prison. She has the baby formula with her. Rick sees her...


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