Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 8

 This is the mid season finale of the show which is really annoying because we will have to wait until next year to see what happens!!!

This episode begins with an unknown group of survivors going through the woods killing walkers. They stumble upon the prison. In Woodbury, the Governor is making plans to go to the prison and kill all of Rick's group. Merle doesn't want anything to happen to his brother Daryl. Rick and the group sneak into the town. Maggie and Glenn attack Merle and his guys but he gets away. Rick and the group rescue Glenn and Maggie and they have to hide from The Governor's men. The Governor learns that they have broken into the town. Glenn tells Daryl what Merle has been doing but Daryl wants to see his brother. Rick tells him that they need to leave now.

Andrea wants to help The Governor fight these attackers, but he doesn't want her in the middle of everything. Michonne gets into The Governor's office and waits for him. Andrea goes ahead and gets her gun and starts to shoot at Rick and the others, not knowing who they are. One of the prisoners who were in Rick's group gets killed. Meanwhile back at the prison, the new group of survivors  get into the prison.
Carl finds them and he helps them to get away from the walkers. In Woodbury, Michonne finds The Governor's daughter and lets her out, not realising that she is a walker. The Governor finds her with his daughter and he begs Michonne not to hurt her. She kills her anyway and he is furious. They have a fight and she stabs him in one eye, blinding him. Andrea catches her and pulls a gun on her. She leaves. Andrea finds The Governor's head collection and she sees him crying over his dead daughter.

At the prison, Carl locks the new group into a cell block with food etc until the others come back. Andrea talks to The Governor about his daughter. Merle and his gang show up and see what has happened. They tell The Governor that Rick and the others have escaped. Rick thinks that Michonne double crossed him but she tells him that she didn't and that they need her. In Woodbury, The Governor talks to his people. He tells them that terrorists broke into their town and killed some of their people. He blames Merle for it all as Merle brought Maggie and Glenn back. He brings out an unknown person with a sack on his head and it turns out to be Daryl who got left behind. Merle and Daryl see each other after a long time but their reunion could be short lived as the town want them dead! Andrea realises what has happened and she is horrified!

A great episode. I like The Governor's character. He is evil but he is a great baddie. It is good to have some human baddies for a change. I like the character of Michonne too. She is tough. Some of the other characters I could really care less about such as Hershel etc. They are just boring, I think. Let's hope that the second half of the season is as good as the first and the two gangs are set to face off!!!!


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