Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 8

 Last week, Grace was killed instead of Kit by Frank, the security guard. This week begins with a crazy guy who kills a Santa and takes his suit. Cut to a year later and he is in Briarcliff as a patient. His name is 
Leigh Emerson(Ian McShane) and he went on a killing spree, killing 18 people in one night. Sr. Jude punishes him constantly. A year later and Sr. Jude has been fired and Sr. Mary Eunice is running things. It is Christmas and she is putting up a tree decorated with things she takes from the patients. Frank is starting to panic as he tries to figure out what to do after killing Grace. Arden tells Sr. Mary Eunice about Frank. She decides to do something about him. Sr. Jude shows up at Briarcliff. She has realised what Sr. Mary Eunice has become and she tries to get through to her but gets interrupted before she can. She is thrown out.

Emerson is still locked up in Briarcliff and he is in solitary after he attacked an orderly in the past. Sr. Mary Eunice visits him and she gives him a Santa suit and lets him mix with the others. Sr. Jude goes to the Mother Superior to get her help. She wants to get back to Briarcliff. Arden goes to see Sr. Jude and tells her that he needs her help to get Sr. Mary Eunice back to herself again. He will help Sr. Jude to get back into her job. He tells her that the other nun is in trouble and she needs her help. The Monsignor visits the asylum and is very impressed with Sr. Mary Eunice. He thinks that she is doing an excellent job.
Lana visits Kit and tries to tell him about Thredson. He is being sedated so he isn't sure that Lana is real. She realises that Sr. Mary Eunice is not going to tell the police about Thredson and that she has to get to a phone to call the cops and tell them.

Dr. Arden lets Sr. Jude into Briarcliff to help Sr. Mary Eunice. She wants to get her alone. She waits in the office for her. Emerson attacks Frank as Sr. Mary Eunice wanted, but he doesn't manage to kill him so she does it and blames it on him. She lets him out of his cell again and locks him in with Sr. Jude. It turns out that Arden has double crossed Sr. Jude and now Emerson is going to kill her. Thredson shows up at Briarcliff looking for Lana. He finds her and tries to kill her. He has cleaned his house from top to bottom so there is no evidence of his crimes. Kit saves her and they tie Thredson up and leave him in a storage room. Emerson hits Sr. Jude with her own cane and proceeds to kill her, but she manages to get a knife and she kills him...


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