Sunday, January 6, 2013

House at the End of the Street Movie Review 275

 House at the End of the Street is a 2012 thriller directed by Mark Tonderai and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue.

The movie begins with a young girl killing her parents and running off.Cut to four years later and Sarah(Shue) and her daughter Elissa(Lawrence) are moving into a new house. There is a house across from them and they are curious about it. They discover from the locals that the house is where the young girl called Carrie -Ann killed her parents and went missing four years ago. She had a brother called Ryan(Max Theriot) who wasn't there at the time of the killings. He came back and is now living in the house alone. The locals think that he is a bit weird. The local cop, Weaver(Gil Bellows) chats to Sarah about it and he tells her that Ryan isn't that bad.Elissa meets him and they get along and it isn't long before they begin a relationship much to the disapprovement of Sarah who is wary of Ryan.

It turns out that Ryan is a psycho who has his sister Carrie-Ann chained up in the basement and he is keeping her there so she won't kill anyone. Ryan gets picked out by local youths and he hurts one of them. Elissa finds out about Carrie-Ann and she doesn't know what to think. She discovers that it is not his real sister, but a student that he kidnapped and made into his sister. He realises that he has been caught and he knocks Elissa out and puts her in the basement too. He tells her that Carrie-Ann died when he was very young and he feels guilty about it. He wants her to be the next Carrie-Ann. Sarah is worried about Elissa when she doesn't come home and she suspects that she might be at Ryan's. She calls Weaver and asks him to call over and check. He does so and he hears something. He gets stabbed by Ryan and falls into the basement.

Elissa escapes and locks Ryan into the basement. He has a key and he lets himself out and chases her.
He catches her and puts her into the boot of his car. Sarah comes over looking for Elissa. He stabs her and throws her into the basement with Weaver. Elissa manages to grab Weavers gun and shoots Ryan. He isn't dead and Sarah finishes him off with a hammer. Cut to end of movie, mother and daughter and moving on. We discover that Carrie-Ann was actually Ryan. His parents turned him into their dead daughter and made him live that way and that's why he bumped them off...This film is bad- really bad. It started off okay and then it just went downhill all the way. It was not scary at all. There was very little suspense and the characters were just irritating. Avoid it. I give it 2/10.


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