Friday, January 11, 2013

The Lost Episode Movie Review 276

The Lost Episode is a 2012 low budget horror movie directed by Michael Rooker(Yes, Merle from The Walking Dead!) and also starring him and Haylie Duff and Beverly Mitchell(Seventh Heaven).

The premise is pretty simple- a group of teens go to an old abandoned asylum which is meant to be haunted because of bad things that happened to the patients there. They are the usual kids who go where they shouldn't and there are lots of fake outs and false scares. The leader of these kids is an idiot who has a tale to tell about a film crew who were making a ghost programme for TV there and they disappeared and were never heard from again. So, we cut to the crew who consist of Megan(Duff),Sarah(Mitchell) and some others who are in the film crew. They enter the building after being told to clear off by some weird guy called Willard(J. LaRose). He follows them inside and you just know that he is some sort of ghost or something.

The rest of the movie cuts between the annoying teens and the film crew and their inevitable deaths when a mad doctor(Rooker) catches them and performs his horrible experiments on them. He steals the show with his performance and that is all that this movie has to offer. He is good but the rest of them are dull, boring and just irritating. This movie doesn't have much in it that you won't have seen before. In fact, it is just a below average haunted house movie with nothing new. Rooker is the only reason I watched it and I liked his performance.It is his first time directing so I have to cut him some slack. Other than that, this movie has nothing good about it. It has all been done before and done better. I am giving it a 3/10 and that is just because of Rooker.


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