Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 10

 Last time, Rick saw Lori's ghost and freaked out. Daryl had left the group with Merle and The Governor was planning revenge against Rick and the others.

Rick sees Lori's ghost around the prison and he follows her around. Hershel is worried about him as he tries to get him to come to his senses. In Woodbury, The Governor is talking to Andrea and he tells her that he isn't fit to be the leader anymore and that he thinks that she should take over from him. Andrea talks to him about going back to the prison to see Rick and the others and he isn't too happy with that thought. Daryl and Merle are wandering around. Daryl is missing the group and he tells Merle that they should think about going back. Merle thinks that they will not want him. They come upon a few survivors who are fighting the walkers and they help them and send them on their way.

In the prison, the walkers are still finding ways inside and they are advancing. Rick is still in his dreamland and Hershel talks to him and manages to get him back to his senses. The Governor and a few of his men attack the prison and shoot Axel. There is a shootout and one of The Governor's men is killed but he doesn't seem too upset about it. He lets a load of walkers into the grounds of the prison and he goes back to the town happy. Rick is caught between two walkers when Daryl and Merle save his life. The walkers are all around the prison grounds now...

Another great episode. I am loving the evil Governor and it is good for Rick and the others to have an enemy to fight besides the walkers. It makes everything more interesting!!!


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