Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Death Line Movie Review 279

Death Line  a.k.a. Raw Meat is a 1973 horror movie directed by Gary Sherman(Dead and Buried) and starring Donald Pleasence(Halloween) and Norman Rossington.

A man is in a tube station in London. He is trying to pick up a woman when he is attacked by someone.
A couple, Alex(David Ladd) and Patricia(Sharon Gurney) see the man lying in the station and they run to find help. They tell a policeman and he comes with them to see the man. When they arrive back, he has gone and they are baffled.Inspector Calhoun(Pleasence) finds out about this and he finds out that the man who has disappeared is called James Manfred and he is an OBE. He sends Detective Rogers(Rossington) to interview Alex and see what happened. Alex is brought into the station and the cops interview him. In the tunnels by the tube station, there are loads of dead bodies and Manfred is there. There is a hideous man living down there with his wife who is dying. He is feeding her the blood of his victims including Manfred's but she dies anyway.

People begin to disappear in the tube station. Rogers find out that there is some man living down in the tunnels. He asks Alex if he saw anyone else in the tube station that night. Alex didn't. The cops find blood in the tube station along with dead bodies. The blood doesn't belong to them and it belongs to someone who has horrible sickness. Alex and Patricia are in the same tube station when Alex gets stuck on the train, leaving Patricia alone. The weirdo grabs her and brings her down to the tunnels. Alex looks for her but he can't find her. He goes to the cops and tells them that she has gone missing. He decides to go down to the tunnels and look for her. The weirdo tries to rape Patricia but she manages to run off. Alex spots her and chases them. It all comes to a head and Alex attacks the weirdo and seems to have killed him. The cops arrive and everything is exposed. They find Manfred and they are looking through the bodies and the weirdo.

This was an entertaining movie. It is cheap with not much in the way of shocks or scares but it was fine all the same. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Awesome review! I saw this years ago & it may be time to rewatch it. I do enjoy cheesy horror.

Amanda said...

Thanks!It's good fun!!

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