Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Walking Dead,Season 3, Episode 12 and 13

Episode 12 begins with Rick, Carl and Michonne going to get weapons for their upcoming war. They pass a hitchhiker but don't stop to pick him up. They arrive at Rick's old Sheriff station and he looks for arms, but someone has taken everything. They are attacked by someone and Carl shoots him. They look under his mask to see who it is and it is Morgan who Rick first met in the very beginning of the series. He had promised to keep in touch via walkie talkie with Rick but they had lost contact. They take him back to his house which is rigged with booby traps. They see that he has all the guns etc and that he has been living alone, setting up traps everywhere. His mind has gone.

Carl and Michonne go and look for a crib for the baby but Carl wants to get something and he won't tell Michonne what it is. He wants to go off on his own, but she won't let him. They go to a cafe and Carl gets a picture of his family which was hanging up behind the counter. Michonne understands why he wanted to go and get it. They get ambushed by walkers, but somehow they survive. Rick and Morgan face off after Morgan wakes up and stabs Rick, not realising who he is.; They talk about what happened to Morgan's son. He was bitten by a walker and Morgan has been living in the house, just surviving since.
Rick asks him to come back and join his group but Morgan is happier on his own. They leave him to it and drive back, seeing the dead hitchhiker on the way. They take his backpack and drive on.

Episode 13 begins with Rick, Daryl and Hershel arriving at an abandoned shed and it becomes apparent that they are meeting someone. The Governor and Rick have arranged a meeting between them and they are going to talk about the upcoming battle and see if there can be some compromise. That is what Andrea thinks is going to happen anyway. The Governor is no fool, though and he has a gun pointed at Rick underneath the table even after dropping his guns in front of him. Rick puts down his weapon too and they talk. The Governor wants Rick to hand over Michonne and that will put an end to the war. Rick doesn't know if that is a good idea. They agree to come back to the shed and Rick will tell The Governor his decision.

Rick and the others leave. Rick tells his group that The Governor is going to try and kill them all. He was not fooled by his promises. He tells them that war is on. He talks to Hershel about what really happened and tells him about The Governor's offer. He tells him that he was tempted to hand her over. Hershel tells him that she has saved lives and that he can't trust The Governor. Rick knows this, but he is still tempted to give her over to The Governor in case he will keep his promise.. Two good episodes..Only a few left now, so there should be plenty happening in the next few weeks!


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