Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Waxwork Movie Review 284

Waxwork is a 1988 horror/comedy movie directed by Anthony Hickox and starring Zach Galligan and Deborah Foreman.

The movie begins with a new waxwork museum opening in town. Some of the local college kids are invited in by the mysterious owner, David Lincoln(David Warner). They decide to go. Basically the movie is about the displays in the museum. They are all horror scenarios such as The Mummy and Phantom of the Opera. Local people are disappearing around town and Mark(Galligan) and Sarah(Foreman) discover that their friends have been sucked into the displays and are caught in the scenario then turned into waxwork figures. They go to a man called Sir Wilfred(Patrick Macnee) who was a friend of Mark's grandad and he tells them that Mark's grandad collected belongings of evil people and that Lincoln stole them and is using them to bring the baddies to life.

Mark and Sarah have to go back to the waxwork museum and burn it down.The owner sees them and pushes Mark into a zombie display and he is pursued by the undead. Sara enters a display of the Marquis De Sade and she finds that she doesn't want to leave. Mark realises that if he says he doesn't believe that the waxworks are real, they have no power over him. He gets out of the display and goes to rescue Sarah. The Marquis is not happy and tells Mark that he will get revenge. Sarah and Mark have to confront the owner and the displays which are coming to life. They end up killing all of them and they head off thinking that that is the end of it, but they don't see a hand from one of the displays escaping and running off..

An entertaining and harmless horror movie from the 80's, this was fun to watch. I enjoyed all of the different displays and I liked the idea of people getting sucked into them. I would recommend this to anyone, it is worth a watch. I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dead Snow Movie Review 283

Dead Snow is a 2009 horror movie from Norway.It is directed by Tommy Wirkola.

The movie begins with a girl called Sara being chased through the mountains by something which eventually catches up with her and kills her. Cut to her pals coming up to a cabin for Easter vacation.
It is out in the middle of nowhere. They expect to meet Sara at the cabin, but she is nowhere to be seen.
They decide to wait for her to catch up with them, thinking that she is just delayed. That night, a strange hiker calls to their door. He is weird and he tells them a story about the area they are in. In World War Two, the Germans used the local town as a base. They were led by an evil guy called Herzog and they abused and mistreated the locals.Near the end of the war, the Germans took every bit of silver and gold from the locals until the townspeople rose up and killed a lot of them. Herzog and a few of his elite soldiers escaped into the mountains and were never found. It was assumed that they froze to death.He tells them that there is evil in the mountains. They think that he is nuts. He heads on his way and sets up his tent. He gets a visit from a nasty zombie and is killed.

Meanwhile, Sara's boyfriend, Vegard(Lasse Valdal) decides to go and look for her. He finds the hiker dead and realises that something is really wrong. He sees footprints in the snow and heads back to tell the others. One of the others, Erlend, finds a box full of gold in the cabin. It must have belonged to the Germans. One of them takes a coin from the box and puts in his pocket. Vegard falls through a hole in the snow and ends up in a cave. The rest of them in the cabin come face to face with German World War Two zombies! They try and fight while Vegard looks around the cave and finds Nazi stuff and Sara's severed head. The others fight the zombies while two of the girls escape and try and make a run for the car. One of them gets caught and the other, Hanna, fights off the zombies. Two guys are left, Martin and 
Roy and they come face to face with Herzog and his minions. They fight and fight but Roy is killed and
so is Hanna. Martin is the only one left and he realises that the zombies want their gold. He gets it for them and gives it to Herzog and he gets away. Unfortunately for him, he had a gold coin in his pocket and Herzog shows up at the car and gets him..

A very entertaining movie. I liked it and it was comedic in parts. I liked the fact that the zombies were Nazis which made them even more detestable. A well made horror movie and one I would recommend. I will give this a 7/10.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Devil's Carnival Movie Review 282

The Devil's Carnival is a 2012 horror movie short directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who is famous for his contributions to the Saw movie franchise. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery(The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles),Briana Evigan(Mother's Day),Jessica Lowndes(90210) and Paul Sorvino(Goodfellas).

This film is a horror/musical which is unusual. It begins with the Devil reading through Aesop's Fables and telling three stories of three people who have landed in Hell after dying. They find that they  have tickets to The Devil's Carnival. There are lots of carnival performers who want to be in the 'show' but only a few are picked. The ticket collector meets them and explains the rules. They split up and the first one who participates is Ms. Merrywood(Evigan) who is a jewel thief. She gets carried away and she ends up playing a game with the carnies. She has to toss a coin to win a huge diamond, but she can't win and all of her jewellery is taken from her and then her clothes. She ends up being whipped in front of an audience and this is her fate.

The next story is Tamara(Lowndes) who is too trusting. She meets a charming man who leads her on and gets her to participate in his knife throwing games. She thinks that he is very handsome and charming so she does so. He straps her to a wheel and she trusts him as he throws knives at her, but she shouldn't because he throws one into her chest, killing her. Her fate has been sealed. Lastly, John(Flanery) is looking for his son. John committed suicide. He wanders around and finds his son sitting with the Devil.
They talk and John realises he is damned until he tells the Devil that he wished that his son was never born. The Devil releases him and sends him up to Heaven where he meets God(Sorvino). The Devil then tells his carnies that they are preparing for a battle with Heaven..He wants to get rid of it once and for all..
There is a post-credits scene where Tamara meets the Devil and he seduces her and she trusts him which  means she is repeating her stupid sin once again.

This wasn't my type of movie. I liked the premise, but horror/musicals aren't for me. I didn't like it really and I wouldn't watch it again. I didn't enjoy it much so for that reason I am giving it a 2/10.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3 Finale!

 Episode 16 begins with The Governor giving his own brand of punishment to Milton after he allowed Andrea to leave and warn the others. He wants him to kill Andrea and he hands him a knife to do it. Milton won't and he tries to kill The Governor instead but fails. The Governor stabs him in the stomach and he leaves him to die and turn into a walker with Andrea in the room handcuffed to a chair. Cut to the prison and Rick and the others are going to leave the prison. Daryl and Carol talk about the sacrifice Merle made for them. In Woodbury, The Governor gets his men together and gives them a talk about the enemy.Tyreese and Sasha stay behind to guard the women and children.

The Governor and his men attack the prison but Rick has a trap set for them and they get spooked and The Governor's men abandon the attack. Milton tells Andrea to get out of the workshop before he turns. He had dropped a pliers earlier on before he was stabbed and left it for her to escape. The Governor turns on his troops and kills most of them in anger at their disloyalty. He misses one -Karen and she survives. The Governor heads off with the rest of his men.Rick and the others are going to Woodbury to get The Governor and his pals. They come across Karen who tells them what happened with The Governor and how he killed most of his men. They take her with them to Woodbury and Rick meets Tyreese and Sasha.

Andrea is stuck in the workshop with Milton who turns. We see her trying to escape and then we hear screams and the sounds of a struggle. Rick talks to Tyreese and tells him what happens and they let them in. They go inside to find Andrea and a dead Milton. Andrea has been bitten and she needs one of them to kill her. She tells them that she only wanted to keep everyone alive and that she is glad that they are all okay. Michonne stays with her and the others leave as she says goodbye. Rick gives her a gun and they hear it going off  inside the workshop. The last few minutes of the episode, we see Rick and the others bringing back the vulnerable people from Woodbury. They are going to join their group. Rick realises that the ghost of Lori has finally disappeared. 

A good episode, but the ending was somewhat lacking in excitement. I was also wondering about the trap that The Governor walked into. It seems as if it was too obvious and I don't believe that he would be so stupid as to walk into it. The Governor retreated WAY too easily and his men didn't attack the prison properly at all. It was a bit disappointing as The Governor is a great character and I thought that there would be a proper face off....Maybe they are saving it for the next season! All in all, a very good season and I am looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Evil Inside Movie Review 281

The Evil Inside a.k.a. Dead Inside is a 2011 horror movie directed by Pearry Reginald Teo and starring
Hannah Ward, Matthew Mercer and Rayne Bidder.

The movie begins with Sarah(Ward) who has some psychological problems. She takes pills and she spends a lot of time staring into space. She is having some friends around for a party. She wanders around the house looking miserable with no lights on and stares a family pictures. Her friends arrive and the party begins but she is not in the partying mood. She tells them that they are all going to die and she can foresee their deaths. She sees what will happen to each of them. Her pals are not happy with this and they are going to leave when she tells them that she was just joking around. When one of her friends does die, then it becomes real and they wonder who will be next.

They begin to drop like flies and it is apparent that someone is killing them. Is it Sarah? It builds up to an obvious ending, in my opinion. Sarah is mentally ill after killing a friend who made fun of her. Her parents come to see her and she goes crazy, telling them that she killed people and they are all dead etc. She is in an institution and she is just mad, They are all figments of her imagination and the whole thing was in her mind. This film was awful. The acting was bad, the dialogue was bad, there were no scares and it was just so poor. Avoid this one at all costs. It really is rubbish. It gets a 1/10.

Monday, April 15, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 2 Finale!

This episode begins with psycho Johnny breaking into the ruin of Briarcliff and listening to his mother's book on tape. He thinks that his dad, Dr. Thredson was murdered by his mother who never wanted him and that she kept him from being with his dad. He is revealed as Bloody Face who was killing people in the abandoned asylum. We cut back to 1971 and Lana and her crew are in Briarcliff to do an expose about the appalling conditions inside. They get footage and she looks for Sr. Jude's files. She finds out that that she was released into the care of Kit Walker. She goes to visit Kit and he tells her that Jude did stay with him for six months and she eventually met the Angel of Death and was taken away.

Back to present day and Lana is being interviewed about her life and career. The subject of Briarcliff comes up and she expresses regret over not getting Jude out sooner. She tells them that she lied in her book about her baby. She said that he had died when in fact, he was adopted and she saw him once. She tells them that Kit had cancer and disappeared. He was taken by aliens. The Monsignor killed himself over the horrible treatments in Briarcliff. Johnny is lurking in the background and listening to all of this. He approaches her after the interview is over and she is alone. He pulls a gun on her and tells her how much he hates her. She tells him that she was sorry etc about what happened and gets him to put down the gun. She then shoots him dead. End of season. 

I liked this season of American Horror Story. It is good the way that the same cast are back but with different characters. It was interesting and I liked some of the stories. I am looking forward to the next season which is called Coven so I am guessing there are witches in there somewhere!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 14 and 15

Episode 14 begins with The Governor who is preparing some items in his workshop. Milton talks to Andrea and tells her that there is no hope of a truce between Rick and The Governor. He and Andrea look at him in his workshop and he is setting up a torture chamber. Andrea is disturbed by this. She is beginning to see him as he really is. Andrea is going to shoot him but Milton stops her telling her that if he dies, others will take over who are no better and that will not make things better. He advises her to make a run for it and warn Rick and company at the prison. Andrea goes to head over the wall. Tyreese and Sasha are guarding the perimeter and they try and stop her. She tells them that The Governor is not what he seems and that they should realise it. She leaves and they tell The Governor who makes them think that Andrea is crazy. He decides to go after Andrea and kill her.

Andrea is followed by The Governor and he tracks her to a warehouse and tries to kill her. She lures him into a trap and leaves him to face loads of walkers. Thinking that he is dead, she reaches the prison and she is just going to shout to Rick when she is caught by The Governor who somehow survived the walker onslaught. Cut back to Woodbury and The Governor talks to Milton and Tyreese about Andrea and tells them that he didn't find her and that he hopes that she is still alive. She is in his workshop bound and gagged and waiting for whatever The Governor has planned for her....

Episode 15 begins with Rick deciding to hand over Michonne. He tells Hershel who is not happy and Daryl who agrees to support him. He then tells Merle who doesn't think that Rick will do it. Rick does change his mind and doesn't tell Merle who goes ahead on his own. He knocks out Michonne and takes her off. Daryl realises this and he follows them. Merle and Michonne talk about it and he tells her that he 
is an outsider and so is she, He sets off a car alarm by mistake and draws a loads of walkers on them. He sets Michonne free and they fight them. He then tells her to go back. He has something to do alone. He heads off and tries to kill The Governor, but gets caught.

Daryl meets Michonne and she tells him what happened. He goes to look for Merle. Glenn and Maggie get engaged. Rick tells everyone that all decisions are to be decided as a group. He tells them about Michonne and Merle taking her. Michonne arrives back.Daryl looks for Merle and finds him- as a walker. He has been killed by The Governor and has turned. He has to kill him and he does so then cries...
Two good episodes. It is a pity that Merle was killed off, I liked his character and preferred him to most of the other characters in the show....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 11 and 12

Last episode, Sr.Mary Eunice died and the evil went with her. Episode 11 begins with Kit who is taken to see Grace and his baby by Thredson.The Monsignor comes along to take away the baby. It turns out that Grace was abducted by aliens and implanted with a baby. Lana meets with the Mother Superior and she is told that there is information that will expose Briarcliff for the hellhole that it is. She gets her out and gives her the information. Thredson finds out but he is too late to stop her. Lana goes to his place with a gun and when he arrives home, she talks to him about what will happen to him when everyone realises who he is. He tells her that he will plead insanity and get put in a mental institution instead of prison. He tries to pull a gun on her and she retaliates by shooting him in the head. She is going to write a book about everything and she intends to get rid of the baby.

Time passes and we see Judy in the asylum.She is still there and she is disgusted with The Monsignor. He is tired of her and he has her put in a cell alone. Kit gets Grace out and he takes her to  live with him. They get the baby too and become a family. Kit comes back to find his wife Alma waiting for him with a baby as well!! Lana wants to get rid of her baby but can't do it at the last minute. Later on she goes back to Briarcliff to get Judy out but is told that she is dead. Lana has the baby but gives it up. The episode ends with Johnny(Dylan McDermott) and a prostitute. He wants to treat her as his mother and he nurses on her. She makes him mad and he attacks her.He is Thredson's son.

Episode 12 starts years after the events in the last episode. Kit, Grace and Alma are living together in his house but it is not paradise. The children are living with them too. Alma loses it and he kills Grace with an axe. Judy is in Briarcliff still and she has an assumed name, Betty Drake because she is supposed to be dead. Briarcliff is going to be owned by the state and the inmates of the state prisons are being brought it. Judy thinks that one of them is the Angel of Death and has come for her. She has hallucinations and she is told this by her doctor. She has also imagined that she has been taking to Pepper who has been dead for years.Lana is reading from her book in a local bookstore when she meets Kit. He wonders why she hasn't managed to get Briarcliff closed. She tells him that she went there to get Judy out but she was dead.Kit tells her that Judy is not dead and that she is losing her mind inside there.

The episode ends with Johnny once again. He is seeking an autographed copy of the book years later.
He tells the owner of the bookstore that he is Lana's son but she doesn't think he is. He tries to bargain with her to give him the book, but she won't so he threatens her and she gives in. He tells her that he is going to find his mother and kill her....

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