Tuesday, April 9, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 2, Episode 11 and 12

Last episode, Sr.Mary Eunice died and the evil went with her. Episode 11 begins with Kit who is taken to see Grace and his baby by Thredson.The Monsignor comes along to take away the baby. It turns out that Grace was abducted by aliens and implanted with a baby. Lana meets with the Mother Superior and she is told that there is information that will expose Briarcliff for the hellhole that it is. She gets her out and gives her the information. Thredson finds out but he is too late to stop her. Lana goes to his place with a gun and when he arrives home, she talks to him about what will happen to him when everyone realises who he is. He tells her that he will plead insanity and get put in a mental institution instead of prison. He tries to pull a gun on her and she retaliates by shooting him in the head. She is going to write a book about everything and she intends to get rid of the baby.

Time passes and we see Judy in the asylum.She is still there and she is disgusted with The Monsignor. He is tired of her and he has her put in a cell alone. Kit gets Grace out and he takes her to  live with him. They get the baby too and become a family. Kit comes back to find his wife Alma waiting for him with a baby as well!! Lana wants to get rid of her baby but can't do it at the last minute. Later on she goes back to Briarcliff to get Judy out but is told that she is dead. Lana has the baby but gives it up. The episode ends with Johnny(Dylan McDermott) and a prostitute. He wants to treat her as his mother and he nurses on her. She makes him mad and he attacks her.He is Thredson's son.

Episode 12 starts years after the events in the last episode. Kit, Grace and Alma are living together in his house but it is not paradise. The children are living with them too. Alma loses it and he kills Grace with an axe. Judy is in Briarcliff still and she has an assumed name, Betty Drake because she is supposed to be dead. Briarcliff is going to be owned by the state and the inmates of the state prisons are being brought it. Judy thinks that one of them is the Angel of Death and has come for her. She has hallucinations and she is told this by her doctor. She has also imagined that she has been taking to Pepper who has been dead for years.Lana is reading from her book in a local bookstore when she meets Kit. He wonders why she hasn't managed to get Briarcliff closed. She tells him that she went there to get Judy out but she was dead.Kit tells her that Judy is not dead and that she is losing her mind inside there.

The episode ends with Johnny once again. He is seeking an autographed copy of the book years later.
He tells the owner of the bookstore that he is Lana's son but she doesn't think he is. He tries to bargain with her to give him the book, but she won't so he threatens her and she gives in. He tells her that he is going to find his mother and kill her....


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