Monday, April 15, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 2 Finale!

This episode begins with psycho Johnny breaking into the ruin of Briarcliff and listening to his mother's book on tape. He thinks that his dad, Dr. Thredson was murdered by his mother who never wanted him and that she kept him from being with his dad. He is revealed as Bloody Face who was killing people in the abandoned asylum. We cut back to 1971 and Lana and her crew are in Briarcliff to do an expose about the appalling conditions inside. They get footage and she looks for Sr. Jude's files. She finds out that that she was released into the care of Kit Walker. She goes to visit Kit and he tells her that Jude did stay with him for six months and she eventually met the Angel of Death and was taken away.

Back to present day and Lana is being interviewed about her life and career. The subject of Briarcliff comes up and she expresses regret over not getting Jude out sooner. She tells them that she lied in her book about her baby. She said that he had died when in fact, he was adopted and she saw him once. She tells them that Kit had cancer and disappeared. He was taken by aliens. The Monsignor killed himself over the horrible treatments in Briarcliff. Johnny is lurking in the background and listening to all of this. He approaches her after the interview is over and she is alone. He pulls a gun on her and tells her how much he hates her. She tells him that she was sorry etc about what happened and gets him to put down the gun. She then shoots him dead. End of season. 

I liked this season of American Horror Story. It is good the way that the same cast are back but with different characters. It was interesting and I liked some of the stories. I am looking forward to the next season which is called Coven so I am guessing there are witches in there somewhere!!


Monica C Young said...

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Marry lee said...

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Marry lee said...

American horror story season 3 dvd will have a lighter tone

Murphy conceded that "Asylum" was a much darker relentless assault on the audience that "Murder House" had been. He plans to ease up a bit when the show comes back. American horror story season 3 dvdThe new husband and father attributes the change in tone to his own personality shift: "As a person right now I do feel lighter and maybe wanting to embrace something a little bit more fun."

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