Friday, April 26, 2013

Dead Snow Movie Review 283

Dead Snow is a 2009 horror movie from Norway.It is directed by Tommy Wirkola.

The movie begins with a girl called Sara being chased through the mountains by something which eventually catches up with her and kills her. Cut to her pals coming up to a cabin for Easter vacation.
It is out in the middle of nowhere. They expect to meet Sara at the cabin, but she is nowhere to be seen.
They decide to wait for her to catch up with them, thinking that she is just delayed. That night, a strange hiker calls to their door. He is weird and he tells them a story about the area they are in. In World War Two, the Germans used the local town as a base. They were led by an evil guy called Herzog and they abused and mistreated the locals.Near the end of the war, the Germans took every bit of silver and gold from the locals until the townspeople rose up and killed a lot of them. Herzog and a few of his elite soldiers escaped into the mountains and were never found. It was assumed that they froze to death.He tells them that there is evil in the mountains. They think that he is nuts. He heads on his way and sets up his tent. He gets a visit from a nasty zombie and is killed.

Meanwhile, Sara's boyfriend, Vegard(Lasse Valdal) decides to go and look for her. He finds the hiker dead and realises that something is really wrong. He sees footprints in the snow and heads back to tell the others. One of the others, Erlend, finds a box full of gold in the cabin. It must have belonged to the Germans. One of them takes a coin from the box and puts in his pocket. Vegard falls through a hole in the snow and ends up in a cave. The rest of them in the cabin come face to face with German World War Two zombies! They try and fight while Vegard looks around the cave and finds Nazi stuff and Sara's severed head. The others fight the zombies while two of the girls escape and try and make a run for the car. One of them gets caught and the other, Hanna, fights off the zombies. Two guys are left, Martin and 
Roy and they come face to face with Herzog and his minions. They fight and fight but Roy is killed and
so is Hanna. Martin is the only one left and he realises that the zombies want their gold. He gets it for them and gives it to Herzog and he gets away. Unfortunately for him, he had a gold coin in his pocket and Herzog shows up at the car and gets him..

A very entertaining movie. I liked it and it was comedic in parts. I liked the fact that the zombies were Nazis which made them even more detestable. A well made horror movie and one I would recommend. I will give this a 7/10.


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