Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Devil's Carnival Movie Review 282

The Devil's Carnival is a 2012 horror movie short directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who is famous for his contributions to the Saw movie franchise. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery(The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles),Briana Evigan(Mother's Day),Jessica Lowndes(90210) and Paul Sorvino(Goodfellas).

This film is a horror/musical which is unusual. It begins with the Devil reading through Aesop's Fables and telling three stories of three people who have landed in Hell after dying. They find that they  have tickets to The Devil's Carnival. There are lots of carnival performers who want to be in the 'show' but only a few are picked. The ticket collector meets them and explains the rules. They split up and the first one who participates is Ms. Merrywood(Evigan) who is a jewel thief. She gets carried away and she ends up playing a game with the carnies. She has to toss a coin to win a huge diamond, but she can't win and all of her jewellery is taken from her and then her clothes. She ends up being whipped in front of an audience and this is her fate.

The next story is Tamara(Lowndes) who is too trusting. She meets a charming man who leads her on and gets her to participate in his knife throwing games. She thinks that he is very handsome and charming so she does so. He straps her to a wheel and she trusts him as he throws knives at her, but she shouldn't because he throws one into her chest, killing her. Her fate has been sealed. Lastly, John(Flanery) is looking for his son. John committed suicide. He wanders around and finds his son sitting with the Devil.
They talk and John realises he is damned until he tells the Devil that he wished that his son was never born. The Devil releases him and sends him up to Heaven where he meets God(Sorvino). The Devil then tells his carnies that they are preparing for a battle with Heaven..He wants to get rid of it once and for all..
There is a post-credits scene where Tamara meets the Devil and he seduces her and she trusts him which  means she is repeating her stupid sin once again.

This wasn't my type of movie. I liked the premise, but horror/musicals aren't for me. I didn't like it really and I wouldn't watch it again. I didn't enjoy it much so for that reason I am giving it a 2/10.


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