Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 3 Finale!

 Episode 16 begins with The Governor giving his own brand of punishment to Milton after he allowed Andrea to leave and warn the others. He wants him to kill Andrea and he hands him a knife to do it. Milton won't and he tries to kill The Governor instead but fails. The Governor stabs him in the stomach and he leaves him to die and turn into a walker with Andrea in the room handcuffed to a chair. Cut to the prison and Rick and the others are going to leave the prison. Daryl and Carol talk about the sacrifice Merle made for them. In Woodbury, The Governor gets his men together and gives them a talk about the enemy.Tyreese and Sasha stay behind to guard the women and children.

The Governor and his men attack the prison but Rick has a trap set for them and they get spooked and The Governor's men abandon the attack. Milton tells Andrea to get out of the workshop before he turns. He had dropped a pliers earlier on before he was stabbed and left it for her to escape. The Governor turns on his troops and kills most of them in anger at their disloyalty. He misses one -Karen and she survives. The Governor heads off with the rest of his men.Rick and the others are going to Woodbury to get The Governor and his pals. They come across Karen who tells them what happened with The Governor and how he killed most of his men. They take her with them to Woodbury and Rick meets Tyreese and Sasha.

Andrea is stuck in the workshop with Milton who turns. We see her trying to escape and then we hear screams and the sounds of a struggle. Rick talks to Tyreese and tells him what happens and they let them in. They go inside to find Andrea and a dead Milton. Andrea has been bitten and she needs one of them to kill her. She tells them that she only wanted to keep everyone alive and that she is glad that they are all okay. Michonne stays with her and the others leave as she says goodbye. Rick gives her a gun and they hear it going off  inside the workshop. The last few minutes of the episode, we see Rick and the others bringing back the vulnerable people from Woodbury. They are going to join their group. Rick realises that the ghost of Lori has finally disappeared. 

A good episode, but the ending was somewhat lacking in excitement. I was also wondering about the trap that The Governor walked into. It seems as if it was too obvious and I don't believe that he would be so stupid as to walk into it. The Governor retreated WAY too easily and his men didn't attack the prison properly at all. It was a bit disappointing as The Governor is a great character and I thought that there would be a proper face off....Maybe they are saving it for the next season! All in all, a very good season and I am looking forward to the next one!


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