Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Canyon Movie Review 287

Red Canyon is a 2008 horror movie directed by Giovanni Rodriguez and starring Norman Reedus(The Walking Dead),Justin Hartley(Smallville) and Christine Lakin(Step By Step).

The movie begins in Cainville, USA and a brother and sister go into a cave. The sister, Gina(Lakin) is attacked by a man while her brother, Devon(Tim Draxl) has to watch. Years later, Gina and Devon are back with their friends to sell their mother's house after her death. There are many bad memories for Gina and she is taking a long time to get over her attack.Devon is her protector and his girlfriend, Terra(Katie Maguire) thinks that he should let Gina get over it herself. The other two friends are Tom(Hartley) who is a pretty boy and Samir(Ankur Bhatt). They reach the house and then go out to the local bar where they encounter some familiar faces. Mac(Reedus) is a nasty piece of work who cannot be trusted and Harley(Noah Fleiss) who likes Gina.

The story is basically that Mac is a psycho and he tries to kill them and his dad Walter wants to buy the house from them. Anyway, they get attacked by Mac and he goes mad killing them. The ending is very complicated and all of the skeletons come out of the closet. Mac and his pal were running a drugs lab in the cave when Gina, Harley and Devon turned up. They were messing around when Mac and his pal decided to rape Gina and attack Devon. But Devon isn't squeaky clean and he turns out to be a pervert too in the end when he rapes his sister. Weird stuff. Not a great movie. I liked Norman Reedus, but that was it. Nothing special about this low budget horror/thriller. Give it a go but be warned that the ending is a bit of a downer... I will give this a 4/10.


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