Monday, June 17, 2013

No One Lives Movie Review 290

No One Lives is a 2013 horror movie directed by Ryuhei Kitamura released by WWE studios and starring Luke Evans, Lee Tergesen and Brodus Clay of WWE fame.

The movie started like a run of the mill horror where a couple are driving along and run into this criminal family who make them crash their car and take them captive. What the family don't know is that the guy(Evans), whose name we never hear, is a total psychopath and he sets out to kill each and every one of the family. Let's start at the beginning. The psycho is with a woman and they are driven off the road by Flynn(Derek Magyar) who is part of this family of criminals. They are led by Hoag(Tergesen) and he is mad at Flynn for just taking them. The couple are with Ethan(Clay) who is a huge guy with a knife. The woman kills herself and then the guy overpowers and kills Ethan. He is a killer and when the gang realise this, they are uneasy.

Flynn looks through the couple's car and finds a young woman in the back. She is a prisoner of the driver and she tells them that he will kill them all. She is from a rich family and they have been looking for her for ages. She was taken captive by the driver and he has been teaching her about his sociopathic ways. There is a huge reward for her return so the gang want to bring her back and get the cash. Problem is, the psycho is outside and he is killing them one by one. He wants his prisoner back and he doesn't care what he has to do to get her. He kills them all and then there is a showdown with his captive. She tries to kill him, but he is too smart for her. He decides to let her go and heads off on his way. She is taken into hospital and that's the end.

Not a bad horror movie. It was entertaining enough and I liked the fact that the psycho was the victim in the beginning. That was interesting and made the movie better. I would recommend this as I found it worth a watch. There is some gore though so be warned..It gets a 5/10.


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