Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pieces Movie Review 292

Pieces is a 1982 horror movie directed by Juan Piquer Simon and starring Christopher George, Linda Day and Paul L. Smith.

The movie begins in 1942 with a young boy making a nude jigsaw. His mother comes in and sees what he is up to and she shouts at him and is disgusted with him. He is furious with her and murders her. The police come and don't realise that he is the one who killed mommy! Cut to forty years later. It is 1982 and at a Boston college, the kids are dying. There is some maniac on campus going around with a chainsaw murdering people. The cops are called in and Lieutenant Bracken(George) is on the case. There is a weirdo called Willard who they think is the killer but he turns out to be just a weirdo.

The killer is putting pieces of the nude jigsaw together. He is using human body parts to make his own bizarre puzzle. A former tennis ace called Mary(Linda Day) goes undercover at the college to catch the killer. She is working with the police. She can't figure out who it is until in the end it is revealed that the Dean of the college is the killer. He gets Mary alone and he tries to kill her, but the cops come in time to save her. She has been helped by a student called Kendall. They find the sewn together body parts. They kill the Dean and as Kendall has a look at the patched up corpse, a hand reaches up and grabs his testicles and rips them off for some reason! What a weird ending to a movie, but I have to say I didn't see it coming!

A fun slasher movie which was worth a watch. I liked it and I would recommend it. The ending was amusing and if you can get your hands on this, watch it. You won't be sorry. I love a good 80's slasher movie and this one gets 6/10.


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