Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silent Scream Movie Review 294

Silent Scream is a 2005 horror movie starring Melissa Schuman,Scott Vickaryous and Shanti Lowry.

A group of college students are going to a cabin in the woods for a vacation(original!!!) and they
are the usual mix of idiots and bimbos. They arrive at the cabin and one by one they start to disappear. There seems to be a killer in the woods and he is waiting to murder them all in different ways.They
begin to wonder who the killer is. Is it one of their own? They are chased by the killer and they lock themselves into the cabin to survive. They are all killed until there is only one left. The twist in this movie is that the students were taking part in an experiment arranged by their psychology professor. They are all alive and well. Then at the end of this, they are really going to a cabin in the woods and the professor is the one who is stalking them.

This movie was bad. It was so devoid of originality that you knew what was coming next. The twist was silly and it was just boring. I would avoid this if you get irritated by stupidity. The characters were not likeable and they did stupid things. It was just too by the numbers for me. I will give it a 2/10.


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