Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Single White Female 2:The Psycho Movie Review 293

Single White Female 2:The Psycho is a 2005 thriller sequel to the original Single White Female. It is a low budget, straight to DVD movie. It is directed by Keith Samples and starring Kristen Miller, Brooke Burns and Allison Lange.

Holly Parker (Miller)is working at a PR firm with her best friend, Jan(Burns). They are competing for a promotion and things get dirty when Jan sleeps with Holly's boyfriend, David(Todd Babcock). This splits Holly and David up and she is no longer pals with Jan. She decides that she is moving out of the apartment she had shared with Jan and into a new one with a woman called Tess(Lange). Tess seems like a quiet, shy person with little confidence. She and Holly become fast friends. Holly goes back to work and she tries to get her life back on track. She and David have to see each other as he is a client of the PR firm and Jan still works there so she can't avoid her.

She tells Tess what happened and Tess seems to want Holly for herself. She changes her hairstyle and she wants Holly to be with her and not have anything to do with Jan or David. Unfortunately, Holly makes amends with Jan and David which does not go down well with Tess. She is becoming possessive and jealous. Holly discovers that Tess has a murky past and that her friend in high school committed suicide. Tess murders Jan and she tries to kill David. Holly finds out that Tess  is a psycho and that she
will do whatever it takes to have Holly as her only friend. She tries to kill Holly too, but she doesn't succeed and David and Holly end up moving into their own apartment in the end of the movie.

Warning!!!This movie is bad. The acting is terrible and it is so cheap that it is just crappy. I liked the original movie Single White Female with Bridget Fonda, but this is just a cheap rip off with nothing great to speak of. It is just poorly made and boring.Avoid....It gets a 2/10.


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