Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Watermen Movie Review 296

The Watermen is a 2011 horror movie directed by Matt L.Lockhart and starring Jason Mewes, Luke Guldan and Tara Heston.

This movie is pretty easy to sum up. There are fishermen who are called Watermen and they go around on a huge trawler murdering people. That is the gist of the story. I will still run through the basic plot anyway. A group of young people are going out fishing on a large boat which is being steered by a captain and they are joined by Trailor(Mewes) who knows something about boats. There is Mike(Guldan) who was a coastguard so he knows a bit about the sea too. There is his brother Bret(Tyler Johnson), three girls- Diane(Heston), Chrissy(Ashley Myers) and Lisa(Joy Glass). They are having a great time when suddenly their electrics are cut off. There is something wrong here. I wonder what it is.... Then their water is gone. They are marooned in the middle of the water.Until....Along comes a fishing trawler with some very dodgy looking fishermen who hand them a container of water which they drink down.Oh yeah, it is the killer fishermen and the water is spiked...

The group wake up after being doped by the fishermen and they are being held captive. The rest of the movie is about the fishermen chasing them as they escape and there are some kills etc. It turns out that the fishermen are killing and cutting up people and selling them to the public as fish bait. At least they are coming up with a novel way to make some money! Mike, Bret and Diane manage to escape, but guess what? They are picked up by a boat and rescued. They thought that they had killed the mad fishermen, but they didn't.. Oh let's hope that there will be The Watermen 2(not!!!!!). This movie was bad. It just didn't cut it. The premise wasn't too bad, but I found that it was just silly and boring after a while. I just lost interest but I stayed with it until the awful ending...Don't bother with this unless you are a glutton for punishment! It gets a 2/10.


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