Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Storm Warning Movie Review 299

Storm Warning is a 2007 Australian horror/thriller movie directed by Jamie Blanks.Blanks also directed Urban Legend, Valentine and the remake of Long Weekend. It stars Robert Taylor,Nadia Fares and David Lyons(Revolution).

The story is pretty simple. Rob(Taylor) and his French wife Pia(Fares) are going out boating one day and they get lost in the middle of nowhere during a storm. They discover a house and they go inside for some shelter. They discover that there is  marijuana growing in the shed and Rob thinks that this was a mistake.
The owners come back and they are not pleased to see them. Jimmy (Lyons) and his brother Brett(Mathew Wilkinson) are backward yokels and they are amused but they have guns and other weapons on them so they are not nice guys. They are threatening and even though they don't say anything outright, Rob knows that something bad is going to happen. They try to leave, but Jimmy and Brett won't let them.

They humiliate Pia and then tell them that they will have to spend the night in the barn. There are no phones around so they are stuck. They make a break for it, but get caught. They break Rob's leg so he is useless. Pia is inventive so she sets about making some booby traps to catch them. Brett is the first one to die. He gets caught in one of her traps. The father of the two boys, Poppy wants Pia for himself so Jimmy brings her up to him. She does something to him and he dies. Jimmy is the last one left and he is harder to kill. Rob and Pia try to escape and they eventually take care of Jimmy and escape. This film was decent and I liked that the victims were inventive and killed the bad guys. It was a good thriller and I would recommend it. I like Australian horror movies and this one is entertaining and well worth a watch. It gets a 6/10.


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