Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Conjuring Movie Review 302

The Conjuring is a 2013 horror movie directed by James Wan(Saw franchise,Insidious) and starring Lili Taylor, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Ron Livingston.It is based on actual events.

The story revolves around a couple called Ed and Lorraine Warren(Wilson and Farmiga who investigate the paranormal and they are called in by a family who are being haunted. Carolyn (Taylor) and her husband Roger(Livingston) move into a house with their five daughters in 1971. They think that the house will be a new start for them. Things start to go wrong immediately. Their dog dies and Carolyn notices that she is bruised. There are noises in the house and one of the daughters sees someone who attacks her.One of the daughters has an imaginary friend who talks to her.It becomes obvious that something is very wrong in this house and the family are at their wits end. They find out about a ghost hunting couple called Ed and Lorraine Warren and Carolyn approaches them and asks them to come and see if there is anything they can do.

Ed and Lorraine come to the house and realise that there is something very evil in the house. They agree to try and get evidence of it and see if they can help the family. They need to get evidence of the ghost before they can go to the Catholic Church for an exorcism. They stay in the house and set up equipment to catch the ghosts. They discover that the house was once owned by a witch who was very evil and that she put a curse on anyone who takes her land. Carolyn is possessed by the witch and she tries to attack her own daughter and kill her. Ed and Lorraine have to perform their own exorcism and try and save Carolyn from the demon.

This was a very good movie and I really liked it. It is old school horror and it bears more than a passing resemblance to The Amityville Horror. It reminded me of that movie what with the family moving into a new house and the daughter having an invisible friend. It is spooky and there were some great scares. I love these kinds of movies when they are made well and this is. I liked the story and the acting was good. There was very little I could complain about here. I highly recommend this. If you are looking for gore and brainless fun, then this is not for you. If, like me, you are delighted when you find a horror movie that you can actually enjoy without reaching for the fast forward button, watch this. You won't be disappointed! I am giving this a 9/10.


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