Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ouija Experiment Movie Review 301

The Ouija Experiment is a 2011 horror movie directed by Israel Luna and starring Justin Armstrong, Eric Window and Carson Underwood.

This film is another home movie horror with shaking cameras etc etc. It concerns five people who decide to get together and use the Ouija board. You just know that nothing good is going to come from this!
Brandon(Underwood) is filming the event for his film class. He goes over to Michael's(Armstrong) place where he has a Ouija board. With Michael are Lynette(Swisyzinna),her brother Calvin(Window) and Calvin's girlfriend, Shay. Michael explains the rules of the board to them. He tells them that when they have made contact with a spirit, before they leave, they have to say goodbye to it or else the board is open and any spirits could come through. They all sit down and start. They make contact with a little girl called Gracie and chat to her for a while. Then they say goodnight and promise to come back and talk again tomorrow.

The next day, they talk to it again but due to an argument, they don't say goodbye and it is only later that Michael says goodbye. Weird things start to happen to each of them. They wonder if they have unleashed something evil from the board. Calvin is the first one to die and one by one, they get killed by something malevolent. Michael looks up in his attic and finds a scrapbook about a little girl called Gracie who was killed in the house by her mother who then killed the neighbour who saw what she had done and then herself. They brought back the mother and she is angry. They face off with her and they realise that they have to burn the Ouija board to get rid of her. She chases them etc and in the end it is just Lynette and Michael left. They get the board into the fire and burn it. The demon disappears. Michael sees Gracie and the neighbour and they are happy now. He realises that he is dead and Lynette is alive...

Not a bad effort and I thought that it was entertaining enough. It is not great, but not dire either. I have seen way worse. I liked the idea and apart from some awful acting, this film was watchable. It had its spooky moments and I found it was good fun. I give it a 5/10.


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