Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 2

 Last time, we saw one of the young kids get sick and collapse on the floor and die. This episode begins with that same kid who has come back as a walker. He begins to attack people, turning them into the undead also. The walkers are coming together and attacking everyone from inside the prison so the survivors have to kill their friends.

They discover that there is some disease killing some of the people and it is like a flu virus. The animals are not immune to it either. They had a pig and it died too. They realise that they have to separate those who have contracted the deadly virus and those who are healthy. Carol has to kill one of the survivors who has been bitten and she promises to take care of his two young daughters. Michonne seems to have a softer side as she and Beth chat about loss and Michonne is brought to tears by little Judith, suggesting that something tragic had happened in her life before this.

Someone is throwing dead rats at the fence and this is drawing the walkers closer and closer. They converge on the fence and almost knock it over. There is somebody working against the group and it seems that there might be an inside man.Rick lures them away from the fence by slaughtering his piglets.
Carl and Rick chat and Rick begins to strap on his gun again. Carl has his gun too as things are getting messy. Tyreese discovers that his sick girlfriend and another survivor are dead. They have been dragged outside and set alight...

Good episode. It seems that there is someone in the camp who is working against the survivors which is interesting. This flu virus seems set to wipe out a lot of the survivors so I wonder how long will it be before it is just the core gang again!


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