Friday, November 8, 2013

Exorcismus Movie Review 305

Exorcismus is a 2010 horror movie directed by Manuel Carballo and starring Sophie Vavasseur and Stephen Billington.

A young girl called Emma Evans(Vavasseur) becomes a troubled teen when she becomes possessed by the Devil. That is the main story of this movie. Emma's parents think that there is something wrong with her medically so she gets checked out by doctors, but there is nothing wrong with her at all. Her uncle is disgraced priest Chris(Billington) who was involved in an exorcism gone wrong and expelled from the church. She tells him what is happening and he seems to know what to do. Her parents are shocked by all of this but when they see that she is possessed, they agree to let Chris help and perform his exorcisms on her.

Chris films her and he tries to expel the demon from her. It is a lengthy process and it takes its toll on Emma and her family. When Chris finds that he is having trouble, he calls in a pal of his to come. Emma's little brother gets hit by a car after she throws his ball into the road and he dies. She feels responsible. Chris tries to reason with her. She tells her mother that Chris had shown her things about the Devil before she had become possessed and that she and her friends has messed around with a Ouija board and called up the Devil because her mother had been annoying her. Her mother stabs herself and ends up in hospital. Emma wants to stop the exorcism as she doesn't think it is helping and she realises that Chris tricked her into calling up the Devil when he showed her all of his stuff and made her think that it was OK. He tells her that it was experiment to see if he could prove that the Devil was real. She pulls a knife on him. The demon comes out and he tries to exorcise it once and for all. He fails and when Emma's dad comes in, he stabs and kills him.
The demon wants Emma to kill Chris, but she won't. She stabs herself instead. She goes to hospital. Chris kills himself after everything he has done. The movie ends with Emma and her mother together..

This film was okay. I wouldn't watch it again because I thought that it was a bit slow and the story was sparse. The characters were awful and I just didn't like it.Oh yes, Doug Bradley has a tiny part in it but that wouldn't make me change my mind. I would give this one a wide berth unless you like slow and dull horror movies...It gets a 3/10.


Tony Briley said...

Thanks for the review. I was torn on whether or not to try this one. Now I might, as long as it's my freebie on a rent one get one free from Redbox deal.

Amanda said...

Well, I wasn't very impressed with it. It was a very mediocre horror movie which could have been better. I wouldn't watch it again but if you like British horror, then it is worth a look!

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