Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 3

Last episode, there were two charred corpses in the prison yard. This episode begins with Tyreese angry that his girlfriend was dragged out and set alight. He talks to Rick and Daryl about and it and he gets violent. Rick takes his down and gives him a beating. Hershel talks to Rick about the flu situation and he tells him that it is getting worse. They need to have a meeting and see what there is to do. Sasha begins to get sick and has to go to isolation. The meeting the next day ends with the agreement that medicine is needed to treat the symptoms of the flu. There is an animal hospital close by and there might be some antibiotics there.

The sick are herded into one of the cell blocks under quarantine. Glenn is beginning to get sick too.
Tyreese wants Rick to find the killer of Karen and he is determined to get whoever did it. Rick wonders who it was. Daryl, Tyreese and Michonne head off to get the medicine supplies in a car. Hershel tries to help the sick in isolation. The group in the car hear a garbled message about sanctuary and as they try and hear more, they are confronted by masses of walkers. They surround the car. Daryl has to try and get out of their path. They have to abandon their car and head off on foot.

Rick and Carol talk and he tells her that he knows that she would do anything to protect the group and he also asks her if she was the one who killed Karen. She replies that she was and walks away. There is something more going to happen there I would say. Rick is left wondering about Carol. An interesting episode. I think that Carol has turned into a tough character who will do anything to protect the ones she cares about. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode!


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