Monday, December 9, 2013

American Horror Story, Season 3, Episode 3

In 1971, Fiona talks to the then supreme Anna-Leigh(Christine Ebersole)  about her powers. She tells her that she will be the next supreme no matter what. When Anna-Leigh tells her that she will never be, she slits her throat. The butler, Spalding(Denis O' Hare) sees all. Cut to present day and there are new neighbours. Zoe, Nan and Queenie look on as their new neighbour, Luke(Alexander Dreymon) and his mother Joan(Pattit LuPone) move in. Nan and Madison go to visit them with a cake. Joan does not like Madison and she tells them to get out when she sees Madison flirting with her son. Zoe goes to see Kyle's mother and they talk about him. His mother tells her that she really misses him and is lost without him. Zoe thinks that she should bring Kyle to her to help her. She goes to see Misty Day who doesn't want to give him up. She eventually does. Zoe takes him back to his mother not knowing that she was having a very dodgy relationship with her son.

Cordelia goes to Marie Laveau to try and get some help as she can't get pregnant. Laveau laughs in her face. Fiona begins to realise that Madison is getting powerful and she thinks that she will be the next supreme. She decides to be her mentor. Kyle kills his mother when she tries to come on to him. Zoe sees what he has done.  Queenie and La Laurie are talking when the slave Bastien shows up outside. LaLaurie thinks that he has come for her. Queenie goes out to him. Fiona murders Madison because she thinks that she is going to try and take her place as the next supreme. Spalding sees all but he is a mute so her secret is safe. Good episode!


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