Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 4

Last time, Rick had discovered that Carol had killed two people who were going to turn and she had burned them and dragged them outside. He and Carol head off to get supplies and he is thinking about what she did. Carol tries to make Rick see sense and tells him that she did what she had to, but he is not so sure. They look through houses and meet two young people who tell them that they have only been in the house for a couple of days. They are both injured and Carol helps them. They want to go with Rick and Carol back to the prison. Rick doesn't know if they should because of the sickness that is there.He eventually agrees to let them come back but tells them to go look for supplies. He gives them a gun and tells them to shoot it if they get stuck. Meanwhile, Daryl and the others are looking for transport. Tyreese is still angry over what happened and he lets out a load of walkers who had  been locked up. The group have to fight and Michonne tells Tyreese to calm down and get on with it.

Carol and Rick both see the survivors that they met earlier and they are both dead and being eaten by walkers.Rick and Carol talk about what she did and he thinks that she was wrong and tells her so. He also tells her that she has to leave the group. She can't believe that he is kicking her out, but he tells her that Tyreese will want revenge on her and the others won't like what she did. She thinks that she can handle Tyreese but Rick doesn't want here there so she accepts that she has to go it alone. He gives her some supplies and a car and leaves her. I did not see that coming and I am not sure that that is a good move for the group. I can see why Rick thought he had to kick her out, but the group needs strong people especially now that people are dropping like flies.I didn't like that plot development but we will see.I suppose that Carol will pop back up somewhere along the line...


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