Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4, episode 5

Last time, Rick threw Carol out of the group.Now, Rick is on his way back to the prison. Hershel is helping the sick. One of them has died. Glenn is stuck inside with them also. Rick arrives back and people want to know where Carol is. Hershel tells Rick what has been happening while he was gone. The walkers start to take over and they attack Hershel. Rick is outside and he hears a gunshot inside the prison. They need to strengthen the outside fence as the walkers are pushing on it. Hershel tries to fight against the walkers. The fence gives way to the walkers and the start to stream in. Rick and Carl are stuck.

They manage to keep the walkers under control, but it won't last. Maggie saves Hershel from the walkers. Daryl and the others come back from their run and Daryl asks Rick about Carol. He doesn't say anything to him yet. There is someone watching the prison from afar. Who is it? It's The Governor and he is looking mean....It is good to see The Governor back. He is a good character and it will make things more interesting!


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